Liberty Is The Goal

This page is dedicated to the founding principles of our country focusing on but not limited to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States.

Through my interactions online and in person, I have realized the woeful education many have about our founding documents and principles. Many people do not understand what is contained in the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence or why they are still relevant today. There has been a whole generation or more that has not been educated on these subjects or have had a biased instruction on these topics. For our country to remain free and prosperous, these ideas must once again become part of the narrative.

When our founding documents are understood by more people I believe we will see a resurgence of freedom in this country. When more people take an interest in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution the woes of this country will again be rightfully identified, attacked and eliminated. When people realize that the power is with us, that our government is indeed one of the people, by the people and for the people, we can again move toward prosperity and freedom. It is that or we depend on an oligarchy to rule us and we lose the greatest nation ever to grace the face of the earth.
Contained in these pages are a variety of articles and podcasts on subjects relevant to our founding and current topics that are germane to the conversation. My major topic is civics. Understanding the creation and nature of our founding documents builds a foundation that leads to understanding the true problems we face as a nation and therefore leads to true solutions.
We have been given the greatest gift that our ancestors could bequeath- Liberty. We owe it to future generations to pass that gift on to them. The fate of many billions to follow depend on us. Liberty or slavery. Prosperity or poverty. The choice is ours.

I hope you enjoy!

An Educated Populace is the Cornerstone of Liberty.
Get educated and pass it on.



3 thoughts on “Liberty Is The Goal

  1. liberty is beyond their control,for liberty is ours as long as we know it own it and share it
    liberty the most precious human commodity in the world
    its not just a good idea its our liberty

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  2. Talking to T Jeferson about gun rights
    After reading hundreds of books on the era of the revolutionary war and the founding of the USA ,I feel like I personally know many of our founding fathers.

    I even find myself having conversations with them, strange I know, but these guys gave us our blessings of liberty. If your reading this you probably already know and appreciate the importance of human liberty. Unfortunately many of our fellow Americans are losing the meaning and history that blessed us with liberty and we are finding ourselves facing the tyranny of unconstitutional laws. When these awful laws are implemented ,is when I find myself talking to the founders, which happens quite often.

    For instance when Biden and Bush signed and implemented the federal gun free zone, I pulled out the constitution and reread the 2nd amendment yes it still said the rights of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed upon,. I scratched my head and thought this gun free zone seems very infringing. I try to accept this as good law but cannot, then I think I must talk to Jefferson he will help me understand this. “Thomas, Thomas are you there”? Tom ” Of course my words will

    always be here for united States citizens who wish to preserve liberty, especially for you Ed my anti-federalist friend what’s up” ?” Well Tom the president and congress signed into law the federal gun free zone banning guns in certain areas.” “what how where”? Tom Questioned. “Well Tom American citizens found to be bearing arms in these gun free zones will be arrested and taken to jail, most of these areas are located at schools, universities and some other government areas.” I informed Tom who quickly answered “Universities what about my beloved University of Virginia that I established” “Yes Tom there also, if you would walk through the front hallway of that beautiful pillared building you lead in creating your derringer would set off a metal detector and you would be pounced upon by police and hauled away to jail in a motorized wagon.” Looking in disbelief tom states “This can’t be if it is it must be stopped by employing all the powers of the constitution, the men who instigated this law should be held for treason. We must act immediately to prevent innocent indefensible citizens from losing their lives”. “I was hoping you would say that Tom,for some 2nd amendment right groups try to abort this law, unfortunately we have a lot of unconstitutional servants who want to be tyrants incumbent in all 3 branches in Washington DC.” Ed explained . ‘Tyranny can only be conquered by people armed with the ideological spirit of liberty and the will to defeat it.” Tom stated. “Well said Tom. I wish you were here people would listen to you.” ” Ed I am here with you my thoughts and spirit live on in my writings use them to secure our liberty for I know our righteous people appreciate liberty the greatest resource man can ever attain.” Tom encouraged Ed

    adding a statement he was well known for ” Remember the strongest reason for the people to retain their right to keep and bear arms is a last resort to protect themselves against tyranny in government.” Ed in awe answered ” You speak it so well Tom I will carry your message to open minded Americans and inspire them to carry the message to others and we shall overcome the tyrants that are attacking our liberties.” Waving bye as Tom leaves the corner of Ed’s mind he makes one more statement “liberty properly implanted in the human mind shall overcome all obstacles of tyranny.”

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