President Trump. Stealth Conservative?

I am a constitutional conservative. I was a vociferous anti-Trumper during his campaign for President. I attacked him on most of what he said because of its opposition to the Constitution. His rhetoric indicated that he didn’t care about the Bill of Rights and had made  statements against every one of the ten amendments other than the 3rd. Trump on numerous occasions reminded us that he was in no way a conservative. Based on his stances on numerous issues I did not doubt the sincerity of his words.

Then came the time he actually became President.

The very first thing Trump did in office was sign an executive order which gave federal agencies the power to roll back some aspects of the Affordable Care Act. This included the individual mandate that most opposed. I applauded the move but I still had my doubts.This occurred on Friday after he took the oath to office.

The next Monday he took his pen and withdrew us from the TPP. Many criticized this plan when Obama was supporting it and I agreed that the process and result involved with this treaty was flawed. Trump had indicated during the campaign that he could and would make better deals for America and on this I did believe him. On Monday he also stated that NAFTA would be looked at and some changes made to help support America and Americans. I supported this effort but still had my doubts.

On Tuesday he got my attention. Trump signed an order reinstating the building of the Keystone XL pipeline. Ehh. He then signed an order reinstating a Reagan era ban on any foreign monetary support of abortion. More interested. But the BIG thing he addressed this day was federal hiring. He put a freeze on all federal hiring except for public safety and the military. This was done to support his “long-term plan to reduce the size of the Federal Government’s workforce through attrition.” Now I was starting to perk up to the Donald., actually taking steps to reduce the size of government. It doesn’t get much more conservative than that.

On Wednesday, the 25th, Trump really got my full attention. He signed an executive order which restarted the construction of a wall along our southern border. He further ordered the hiring of 10,000 more I.C. E. agents and 5000 more border patrols. He rescinded the order known as “catch and release” which was making efforts to combat illegal entry into the country much harder.In conjunction with his firing of Daniel Ragsdale as head of I.C.E. and his appointment of Thomas Homan, Trump began to fulfill a promise made to the American people over 3 decades old. Trump was acting on the illegal alien issue that most Americans recognize as a problem. He has actually fulfilled a campaign promise that some had criticized him for because they believed it was an empty promise.

On the eve of his first week in office, Trump put a hold on all refugee immigration, an indefinite ban on Syrian refugees and a 120 day ban on immigration from 7 countries. Liberals at this point threw a hypocritical hissy fit and a district judge blocked the order. Another campaign promise kept. I was hooked at this point.

On Monday, the 30th, Trump again performs one of the most conservative actions I have ever seen in my lifetime. He wrote an executive order stating that for every new regulation to be instituted, 2 other regulations must be rescinded. He did this to “help small business”. Trump had made previous statements saying that he wanted to “cut 75% of federal regulations”. I was a full blown supporter at this stage. Then he really sealed the deal. Trump nominated Neil Gorsuch, a recognized conservative and originalist, to the Supreme Court. Mr. Gorsuch is the perfect replacement to Scalia. This move is one that will be paying dividends for many years to come.

Recently. on Wednesday the 22nd, Trump lifted the highly controversial Obama backed transgender bathroom regulation. Another blow to liberals and their strange and destructive ideology. Another feather in his conservative cap.

What Trump is doing has made this conservative very happy. I support principles, not men, and when a man or woman supports the ideas I do then they will get my backing. When they deviate from what I think is right then I will criticize them. I am no Trumper nor am I riding on the Trump Train. What I am doing is supporting a man who has entered office, made good on his campaign promises and supported the conservative cause in the process. I still do not believe that Trump is in any way a conservative. I do think that he is just another American who sees big problems with the direction this country has taken and is trying to move us back toward prosperity. His initial acts have been conservative because that is what this country needs. I remain cautiously optimistic  about President Trump and his wish to “Make America Great Again”. If he slips I will be there to point it out but for the meantime I support President Trump from the attacks of the left and those on the right who remain anti-Trump to the point of refusing reality.


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