In Defense of the 2nd

Attacks on our right to keep and bear arms continue. These attacks ebb and flow but are a fact of life here in America. Those people who lead these attacks are for the most part ignorant of the facts. They ignore the truths that are self evident and base their arguments on lies. Unfortunately many who try and defend our right to protect ourselves are sucked into debates which need not occur. It is important to know the truth of the matter to successfully destroy these arguments.

First and foremost, the 2nd Amendment gives us no rights. It states that the right to keep and bear arms, a right which we already possess, shall not be infringed. There is no verbiage that states that this amendment gives us the right to keep and bear arms.

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Keeping this thought foremost in your mind when supporting the 2nd will eliminate many of the arguments that the gun grabbers present. Our rights do not come from a piece of paper. They come from our Creator and are a part of us.

One must also realize where the right to keep and bear arms originates. The basis for the 2nd is your right to life. You have a natural right to life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness. When those are in danger it is your right to protect them. Frederic Bastiat stated it most succinctly:

” Each of us has a natural right — from God — to defend his person, his liberty, and his property.”

Your life is the most basic right you possess. It is your decision and yours alone how you want to protect that life. If someone threatens your life, liberty or property you and only you can properly determine to what degree you will go to protect those rights. The thought that another can tell to you to what extent you are allowed to protect these unalienable rights is preposterous. It is a fallacious argument that has no basis in truth and uses fear as its foundation.

So when a gun grabber says that no one needs an “assault” weapon (a mythical construct utilizing fear to demonize a gun) don’t take the bait. When someone says that we need stricter background checks, an idea that promotes a bureaucrat infringing on your unalienable rights with no due process, scoff at them. If they state the need to keep guns out of the hands of criminals realize that criminals don’t follow the law, that’s why they are classified as criminals, Just laugh at them. If someone states that there is no need for a person to own a weapon with a 30 round magazine, realize that most sane people would want the most firepower they could possess to protect their life if threatened.

The idea that we impose laws on law abiding citizens that center around unlawful behavior is ludicrous. We don’t define society around the criminal acts of the lawless. We create laws which protect our rights and aid law abiding citizens to do the same. America was founded on the principle of unalienable rights. We have allowed the anti-American elements in this country to craft the narrative which ignores this simple truth.

I think there is a mental defect in people who want to pass the responsibility of protecting their life onto others. If you are not willing to defend your own life or property but instead want government to do so that is your right. But do not impose that insane view on others. Remember, when seconds count, police are minutes away. That is not a critique of police but a simple truth. You and you alone are responsible for protecting your life, liberty and property. We create laws which will punish those that infringe on those rights but those laws do not stop the actions. They react to them.

A person owning or carrying a weapon in no way infringed on the rights of others. The opposite is the truth. Guns create a more civilized society. There are many that would want to disarm all Americans and only allow law enforcement and government employees to carry or own a gun. History has taught us that this idea is a failure and inevitably leads to tyranny. Long before Mao, Hitler or Stalin, our founders came to the conclusion that a government that wants to disarm its citizenry is a government that is up to no good. History is replete with examples of tyrannical governments that have disarmed its population and subsequently enslaved them.

So remember, your unalienable rights to life, liberty and property are a gift of our Creator. it is YOUR responsibility when an incident occurs to protect those rights. No one, other than the criminal after the fact, will be held accountable for these actions. This is the reason that we have the 2nd Amendment-to secure our right to self defense and to allow us to protect ourselves from any, including our own government, who would infringe on this right. The argument is as simple as that.

Join me at Constitutional Cappuccino to get plugged into a website that is all about the education Americans need to move our country back to its proper trajectory. My new book “Patriot Ammo: The Words Behind Our Flag” is also available and teaches of our founding documents and principles. The book would make a great present for anybody 16 and up.


The Cornerstone of Liberty

Their is a trend that has been gaining momentum over the last few decades here in the United States that is directly leading to our demise. This movement has been successfully identified by many as a problem yet it continues. It is the basis for many of the challenges we face as a nation and it is a planned attack on our republic. Of course I am talking about our education system and its perversion at the hands of the enemies of America.

George Washington, in his 8th Annual Message on December 7, 1796 said:

“[T]he common education of . . . our youth . . . well deserves attention. . . . and a primary object . . . should be the education of our youth in the science of government. In a republic what species of knowledge can be equally important and what duty more pressing . . . than to patronize a plan for communicating it to those who are to be the future guardians of the liberties of the country?”

No truer words have been spoken. For a republic to survive, the people who elect our representatives to government and who are supposed to monitor the workings of it must be educated on its proper form and powers. How else can the people elect the best candidate to office and ensure that government is performing the tasks it should be? Without knowing what our unalienable rights consist of, how can we the people insure they are not be trodden upon? Our ignorance of our Constitution and the founding principles of this nation are the foundation upon which adversaries of liberty are fundamentally transforming this nation.

The truth is a grim one. The Annenberg Public Policy Center performed a survey which should alarm Americans. Only 26% of the people surveyed could name the three branches of government. 33% of respondents could not name ANY branches of our federal government. This is the most basic of knowledge about our government and our Constitution. It is logical to assume that more complex information about the proper workings of Washington DC are lost on a huge majority of Americans. A republic cannot survive under such conditions.

Classes on government or our founding documents are harder and harder to find in schools nowadays. I have talked to local high school students who indicate that the time spent on the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are minimal and cursory. When I went to school I had multiple classes dealing with the subject matter at various grade levels. This non-education continues into the college levels also. Nowadays, plenty of law schools have scrubbed the Constitution from its curriculum and instead teach classes about constitutional law. Instead of learning the supreme law of the land, students memorize case law and the interpretations of the Supreme Court and think it is the law.

I can attest to the gross lack of knowledge possessed by people I interact with online and in person. Ignorance is bad enough but the apathy surrounding the topic is also exasperating. The discussion of the founding principles including the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights cannot occur with most people because of their dearth of knowledge on the subject matter. I suggest that this is a planned attack on our republic and that it is succeeding.

America is one of the strongest if not the strongest nation to ever grace the face of the earth. The idea of a military incursion into our country would be suicide for any who would take the action. We cannot be overthrown that way. The more likely approach would be for the enemies of America to adopt the long term strategy of eliminating the knowledge needed for our republic to survive and allow human nature to do the rest. That is where we find ourselves at as a nation.

What made our country the greatest ever was the principles it was founded upon. The ideas of unalienable rights, limited government, the consent of the governed, the idea that we the people can rule ourselves ad that we create government to secure our rights is a very powerful design in the defense of liberty. But these ideals must be maintained by the people and constant vigilance is our responsibility. Governments throughout history have been shown to be the biggest abusers of human rights to ever exist and always have a tendency to grow larger and more obtrusive. This is nothing new.

Without that vigilance by the people, our country is susceptible to the same forces which have destroyed other nations throughout history. A piece of paper with nice words on it is not enough to secure our liberty and prosperity. A great set of ideals fails when they are not defended and upheld. A proud heritage of freedom can be wiped out when the standards that created those conditions are abandoned. Through the planned attack on the philosophy that created our country, Americans are increasingly ignorant of the gifts we were given to us by our forefathers.  We move toward our demise in a zombie like trance with distractions galore to move us along the path.

“The truth is like a lion; you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself.”

I do not want to tell people what to think. I do however want to help educate them so they can make informed decisions. Knowledge is power and ignorance leads to servitude and poverty in this case. We were given the gift of liberty from our forefathers and now squander it away through ignorance and apathy. The truth about our founding principles and the documents associated with that founding must once again be embraced by Americans for us to remain a free and sovereign nation. There is no other cure for our affliction.

I have recently affiliated myself with an organization that has a well though out plan to combat the forces of ignorance destroying this country. Their name (and mission) is Restore the Intent. Their simple but thorough plan is to hold study groups in each county across these United States. What makes this idea unique is the teachings of KrisAnne Hall, a constitutional attorney and expert who travels around the United States lecturing about our founding principles, will be the nucleus of the education. Her curriculum, the Liberty First University series she developed and continually makes additions to, will be used as the core for the instruction into various topics.

I can tell you from personal experience, there is no one that I have seen who has KrisAnne Hall’s depth of knowledge, organizational skills, and thoroughness on the Constitution and the founding principles of this country. She consistently presents the unabashed truth and in the process instills knowledge and logic into our founding as a nation. She destroys the anti-American narrative that too many support nowadays. She is a true patriot and I am honored to pass on her teachings.

I urge you to look into Restore the Intent. You can sign up for classes in your area and when one opens up you will be notified. Another option is to be the host of a constitutional study group. If you are a patriot and see the value and necessity of teaching our founding principles then I urge you to sign up. You must possess an thorough knowledge of our Constitution and commit to holding regular sessions.

This is a great opportunity to learn/teach the truth that is so desperately needed right now in the United States of America. The enemies of freedom and well being are dumbing down America in the hopes of destroying this country. Once again embracing our heritage and the truth of our founding is our ONLY avenue for our long term success as a nation.

I will end with a quote from Thomas Jefferson:

“If a nation expects to be ignorant & free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was & never will be

Join me at Constitutional Cappuccino to get plugged into a website that is all about the education Americans need to move our country back to its proper trajectory. My new book “Patriot Ammo: The Words Behind Our Flag” is also available and teaches of our founding documents and principles. The book would make a great present for anybody 16 and up.


Liberty Is The Goal

Over 240 years ago, our Founding Fathers and their supporters did a rather unique thing. They fought and won a war against the biggest superpower of the time. They claimed their independence. Then they performed an even more amazing act- they created a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. For years before the war they had one goal. When forced to fight they pursued a singular destination. When they had their freedom from tyranny they continued to follow a specific path. Their objective throughout the struggle? Liberty.

Liberty is simply being able to act any manner you wish with the caveat of not infringing on the life of another. We fought for and won the right to say that we all have rights that are unalienable and as long as you observe that ideal in your daily activities you are free to do what you want. That is the proper pursuit of happiness.

Liberty is defined in the 1828 Webster’s Dictionary as :

” {natural liberty} consists in the power of acting as one thinks fit, without any restraint or control, except from the laws of nature. It is a state of exemption from the control of others, and from positive laws and the institutions of social life. This liberty is abridged by the establishment of government.”

The last sentence is vital to understand. When we form government, we consent to that government and delegate certain powers to this entity. Some activities that we used to perform as individuals are delegated to government. Notice I said “delegated” not given. If government refuses to do what they are supposed to do, we the people retain the right to do so.

An example of one of these delegated powers is the police. Before government, in the state of nature, when a person infringed on your rights (robbery, fraud, bodily harm, etc.) you had the onus of seeking justice. This can result in chaos. Individuals deciding what “justice” looks like is often not justice at all.

So we created courts. Juries. Police. Things that we had done previously ourselves were now in the hands of people we hired, appointed or elected to do the job. We penned laws to define what was considered wrong and how a situation was to be dealt with. This law was to apply to everyone. This was our common law. Has it always been without fault? No. Human nature demands that it be imperfect. But when correctly applied moral and just actions are largely the result.

The consent of the governed is an important idea to understand. The only powers we can bequeath to government are ones that we already possess. This consent is what creates justice. This is the limiting factor of a righteous law. If this ideal is not recognized and laws are passed in defiance, then injustice is the result. We see this too often today in our society. We have traded liberty for perceived security.

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

Benjamin Franklin

Our common law has a simple guiding ideal- their can be no crime without a victim. This standard covers everything that we consider a crime- murder, rape, theft, fraud, injury to a person or their property. Anytime a person’s rights are infringed, a crime is  committed and justice demands resolution. The society we live in today has forgotten and abandoned this simple and powerful idea.

Arbitrary laws are the tools of tyranny. The idea that a crime can be committed when their is no victim allows for any type of behavior to be subject to the law. This is a restriction on liberty. Think of all the things that are “illegal” in today’s society that carry a punishment for perpetrating. Jaywalking. Selling lemonade to your neighbors. Speeding in a car. Watering your lawn on the wrong day. Fishing without a license. Carrying a gun without a permit. Giving the homeless something to eat. Conducting business without a permit or license. Smoking a plant. The list is much longer and continues to grow daily. Where are the victims in any of these activities? There are none of course. But the potential to injure someone is part of the human condition, it exists all around us and we have allowed this fear of injury to destroy our liberty.

Many will say that without these arbitrary laws (laws where a “higher” potential to harm others exists) then we would experience chaos. Speeding in a car for example. Speed limits would still exist but exceeding them would not be a cause for a ticket. Some would say if speed limits were not enforced then everyone would drive like a maniac. This is simply not true. The proper application of speeding laws would be in case of an accident. If a person causes an injury to a person or their property because of excessive speed, then the offender would be charged with driving above the speed limit and properly punished. There must be a victim for a crime to have occurred.

In today’s society many think it is alright for government to regulate interactions between consenting adults. For instance, I want to sell some of my lasagna to a friend. He wants to buy it. This is a consentual activity. Unfortunately for us, we have laws on the books which state that without permission from government in the form of licenses, permits, inspections, etc., my lasagna cannot be bought by another.  Too many people are willing to allow themselves to be subjects of arbitrary laws in the name of safety. This is a direct contributor to the lawless government we witness today.

Liberty is not a destination. It is a journey. You will never wake up one day and say “we have achieved liberty”. We are always in pursuit of liberty because of the nature of humans. This “human nature” is something that is a constant. Some want to help others by diverting their resources and time to do so. Others are more interested in themselves and follow a slightly different path. Then there are some who want to prey on other human beings for a multitude of less than savory reasons. There are varying degrees in all of this. That is human nature. This has been a constant throughout human history.

In light of this, the Anglo-Saxons pursued a path that took the idea of human nature into account. The laws that were formed over the centuries culminated in a simple creed: There can be no crime without a victim. This is the most highly moral stance that the law can take. These laws are applicable to all. If there is no victim in a specific activity, then no crime is committed and justice needs not be sought. This is one of the paradigms which elevated our country to greatness.

Malo periculosam, libertatem quam quietam servitutem.

Thomas Jefferson

“I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery”. Thomas Jefferson was the champion of the idea of liberty. His teachings have been lost on too many people nowadays. There is a culture of fear that has replaced our founding principles. This “fear culture” is pervasive throughout our society. We are taught that the worst of human failings will always rise to the top. This idea of the lowest common denominator in reference to human nature is the mechanism for our repudiation of liberty.

It is time we as a people recognize and support liberty once again. Every breathe you take could be your last. It is foolhardy to think that government can protect us from all harm. Their proper duty is to protect our rights from any who would infringe on them. This is why we created government. To secure our rights. The idea that government is our protector is a reckless one that has led us to the precipice.

The reason for our greatness as a nation is due to our unhampered pursuit of happiness. Government is much like fire- when used properly it is a boon, but when out of control it is a menace. It is time to control the fire. It is time to stop being fearful and once again be the home of the brave.

Join me at Constitutional Cappuccino to get plugged into a website that is all about the education Americans need to move our country back to its proper trajectory. My new book “Patriot Ammo: The Words Behind Our Flag” is also available and teaches of our founding documents and principles. The book would make a great present for anybody 16 and up.

School Shootings: The Truth of the Matter

We see too often stories of a person shooting up a school and killing people. Once is too many in my opinion. What we also witness is the usual reaction from the media and those that want to infringe on your right to keep and bear arms- make the gun out to be the culprit. This idea could not be further from the truth or reality.

Let me start by saying that there is NO way that all school shootings can be prevented. We have crazy and just plain evil people in this world who have no regard for the sanctity of life and will sacrifice life for a myriad of twisted reasons. There is no way known to stop all of these people before they kill someone. Anybody who claims to have the “solution” is a peddler of lies. Freedom can be dangerous. But the alternative is invariably worse.

Let me also state, that while tragic, this is not an epidemic. There are plenty of ways a youth can die, a school shooting is near the bottom of the list. The only reason this has become headline news is the opportunity for gun grabbers to push their un-American agenda of gun control. The high majority of those in the media are anti-gun and will use any story to push their agenda. These stories also invariably involve children which is a ratings booster. I am not minimizing the tragedy here by any means. Just putting them in perspective.

Let me further state that this is just a symptom of a bigger problem- Government malfeasance. Our government at all levels on a daily basis breaks the law. Anyone who has studied the Constitution realizes this fact. Anyone who understands the founding principles of this country also understands this simple truth. These lawless acts have been so persistent in recent history that they have become the norm for most Americans.

The truth of the matter- There is no way to eliminate these shootings, but there is a way to minimize both the frequency and impact of these shootings:

Eliminate Gun Free Zones!!!

The idea of gun free zones is a very recent event in our country. This legislation was championed by Joe Biden and signed into law by George Bush in 1990. Since then we have seen school shootings on a too regular basis. This experiment in unconstitutional government is a big failure. The idea, and the legislation, must be eliminated.

We have created hunting grounds for the mentally and morally deranged. These crazies know that if they enter a school with a gun, only they and any police that may be there are armed. They have superior power to do with what they want. This is conducive for the cowards who want to shoot up a school. It creates a soft target that will attract these loonies. Eliminating gun free zones will stop some from entering school grounds because they are cowards and do not want to face opposition in their evil acts.

Allowing teachers, administrators or anyone else who works on school property to carry a gun will most likely minimize the severity of the attacks when they do occur. Allowing people who work in these areas to defend their lives and the lives of children is only common sense. If their is a shooter in a school ask yourself this question- would you rather be have a gun or not? When seconds count. police are minutes away. Not a criticism of police but a fact of the matter.

I am not saying to arm these people. No one gets a gun bought for them or special training. There are already plenty of people proficient with guns who work in schools. If gun free zones were eliminated and school employees were allowed to carry, we would see the free market provide all that is needed for employees to be effective. There are already gun trainers offering reduced cost or free lessons for people to take. We MUST keep government out of this activity. They do nothing but make things more expensive and less efficient. This must and will be supported by the people.

I am also not espousing that teachers acting like Rambo are the norm either. A teacher in a classroom that has a bead on the door of the room will be very effective is a shooter decides to come through that door. Most of us are aware of the teachers who used their bodies and actions to protect children. How much more effective could they have been if they were armed? Imagine a janitor that is armed. They know all the nooks and crannies of their school. They could position themselves in a place where the shooter is and under cover offer resistance. How about the multitude of military veterans that work in schools and have experience in warfare? Their are a uncounted ways that armed school personnel could be effective. Not so if they are unarmed.

Lastly, we all have a right to defend our life, liberty and property. The federal government has overstepped its authority in its creation of this steaming pile of legislation. The idea that a person who works in a school has any less of a right to life than others is a ludicrous idea.

These hunting grounds for the morally and mentally challenged must be eliminated. If you really care for the children then let’s get past the rhetoric and make some good happen:

Eliminate Gun Free Zones!!!

I have started a group, The Coalition to End Gun Free Zones (which can be found at, to make a positive change in our country. This era of unconstitutional government must be attacked and eliminated. The children must be able to grow up in a free society. We were bequeathed liberty by our ancestors. it is incumbent on us to pass that gift on to future generations. Their is no greater legacy we can give to the billions that will follow.

Join me at Constitutional Cappuccino to get plugged into a website that is all about the education Americans need to move our country back to its proper trajectory. My new book “Patriot Ammo: The Words Behind Our Flag” is also available and teaches of our founding documents and principles. The book would make a great present for anybody 16 and up.

Calling All Conservatives- Your Republic Needs You!

The two party system has failed you. It is as simple as that. Looking at the history of our country it becomes apparent that we have altered our trajectory away from liberty and have instead embraced socialism. Many will be scoffing right now. I wish I could. But the evidence of our acceptance of socialist policies from our government is irrefutable.

Republicans and Democrats are supposed to be at opposite ends of our spectrum. Democrats are identified with the left and Republicans with the right. The truth is both parties have moved toward bigger more intrusive government. Both parties have participated in and supported ideas that go against our founding principles and our Constitution.

The monopoly presented by the two “major” parties is rooted in fear. Many are fearful of the other side. Because the other party is so repugnant, they would sacrifice principles just to make sure their opponents don’t get into power. They support their party, over principles, because of fear. There are plenty of conservatives in the Republican Party that have to feel this way. I know I did. I would guess there are many good democrats that refuse to vote for republicans because they also fear them. Or, just as likely, they support socialism and want the democrats to succeed.

As we look at today, it is an inescapable conclusion that we have been taken over from within. The enemies of America have almost unlimited money to do their work, and they have been spending that money freely. These enemies have strongholds in our government, our schools, the media and our entertainment industry. This has been a planned effort with the binding force being a common ideal. Socialism. We now have an increasing number of Americans who for the most part have no idea why we instituted our government or what a proper government looks like. Our Constitution is being ignored and no one bats an eye. Socialist ideas are the norm for society. Before you scoff, read on.

Here are some of the planks of the Communist manifesto and the corresponding actions we have taken. Here is the proof of my words.

Abolition of Private Property. Property taxes do exactly this. If you think you own your home or a piece of land, try not paying taxes on it for a few years and see who really owns it. This idea of property taxes is so ingrained in most people that to question it is bordering on insanity. “How will roads be paid for?” “How will schools operate?” Those questions and plenty of others have been drilled into the heads of Americans for decades. We now repeat them blindly and for many it is their truth.

The real truth, however, paints a different picture. Private property ownership is a representation of your life and what you did with it. Your life is your own, you are no slave. The products of your life are also yours and yours alone. No one has any claim to that. Instead we now repeat the mantra of “how will government operate without property taxes?”. That is a good question to ask yourself. The answer will lead you back toward liberty.

A heavy progressive or graduated tax. Won’t have to talk about this for long. The IRS is known to almost everyone. What isn’t known by as many is that the income tax and IRS were only around since 1913, instituted during the Wilson administration. We had a prosperous and growing country without the need of these taxes. We had won many wars, had plenty of roads, enough government buildings, schools and the like. We had an functioning society without the federal government taxing us.

Abolition of rights of inheritance. Inheritance taxes. The privilege of dying now costs you. It has for a while. This was accomplished by class envy and the idea of “taxing the rich”. This is also another attack into private property ownership. The fools who supported this idea played right into the hands of the socialists.

Centralization of credit in the hands of the state. The Federal Reserve is the answer here. Also created under the Wilson administration, (what a bad time for future Americans we witnessed during his term) this unconstitutional legislation which passed and made a national currency under this private corporation. Congress is enumerated this power. The only way this could be legal is to change the Constitution and add an amendment. That has not happened yet we have this unholy monopoly controlling our nation’s monetary policy.

We got taken off the individual gold standard by Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Not only that, all gold was confiscated and traded for federal reserve notes (Executive order 6102). Nixon eliminated the international gold standard under his watch which meant other countries could no longer redeem American dollars for gold. He instead made a deal with OPEC to make the dollar the only currency to be used to purchase their oil. Since that move, the value of the dollar has plummeted (estimates are as high as 90%!!!), and our military involvement in the middle east has skyrocketed.

The incessant introduction of new money and the paying of debts with newly printed money produces inflation which devalues the dollar. So does printing money and buying assets from the government, for instance bonds, with newly printed money. The money that is created out of thin air reduces the value of the dollars already in circulation. But enough of the economics lesson. You can read about this in many places.

Centralization of the means of communication and transportation in the hands of the state. This has been accomplished through many departments and agencies. The FCC, Department of Transportation, the Interstate Commerce Commission, and the Federal Aviation Administration are the answers to the socialist’s dreams. Add to the Amtrak, a blatantly socialist government owned and operated rail carrier, and the picture is complete.

And the kicker. Promoted by socialists for years and now a way of life in America. Something that we cannot live without it seems. Yes I am talking about schools.

“Free” education for all children in government schools. Yes, this is a socialist idea. Not the schools of course, but the government supervising operations. I put “free” in parenthesis because of course tax money, taken from people under duress, is what is funding these schools. Remember the IRS and property taxes? The Department of Education and the recent “Common Core” indoctrination are the evidence of the continuing infiltration by our federal government.

Guess who is responsible for this all coming to fruition? Republicans and Democrats of course. We are to believe that these parties oppose each other, and in some minor ways there is a difference, but when it comes to the socialist agenda they have been in lock step for decades.

An important note. All of what I have listed is not supported by the Constitution. The continued funding and support by our elected officials for any agency or department listed above represents a violation of their oath to office. Both parties have turned their backs on the Constitution quite a while ago. Though there are a few people who talk a good game, the fact remains that the unconstitutional bureaucratic state that was created has not been dismantled, on the contrary it continues to get larger no matter which party is in power.

Now my point. Conservatives, if you think that the republican party can somehow be swayed to be the savior of our country then you are not accepting fact. There are many conservatives, people who believe in the tenets of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, that are stuck in a party that no longer represents them or their principles. People who support the Constitution are outcasts. Lip service is given to the document of course but nothing is done to get us back to the ideals and structure it espouses.

If you really want to move the republican party back to conservative ideas, you must leave the republican party. That is right. Leave. The people who remain will be those who cast a vote because there is an “R” beside the name. They are going nowhere. Their fear of democrats is palpable and they will oppose democrats, i.e. vote republican, with sickening certainty. If enough conservatives leave then the republican party they will have to move back to the right to capture those votes.

There are also some great third parties out there also that could use support. The Constitution Party, the Libertarian Party and the Federalist Party are all good choices for the person who supports the Constitution and liberty. It is way past time that Americans stop supporting the uni-brow party (republicans and democrats) and instead stick to their principles and support parties that will actually represent them.

In Matters of Style, Swim With the Current, In Matters of Principle Stand Like a Rock.

Thomas Jefferson

I understand the angst of leaving a major party. I did exactly that. This anxiety could originate for a myriad of reasons. Maybe the person has spent years working in the party. Maybe they have become prominent in those circles. Maybe they are making money staying put. The one thing they cannot admit is that the time that they have spent has been wasted because the principles they support are not representative of the party they have put their efforts behind. Fear is a powerful motivator, and properly harnessed can make people act in ways that they normally wouldn’t.

“I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.”

Frank Herbert

Then there are republicans who can point to a state representative, mayor, county commissioner or some other elected republican official that does support the Constitution. These elected officials are an aberration and not representative of the party they are part of. They are also a very small minority and are in no way a solution to the problems we face as a nation.

Our republic is dying. We have over a full generation that hasn’t been taught the greatness our nation has attained. They have not been taught the way our government is supposed to work and can not identify what a constitutional government would even look like. Government schools have done their job to make ignorant the public as a whole when it comes to civics. The enemies of America who have hijacked our schools have been very successful. This is also born out by facts.

A recent poll by the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg Public policy Center had some startling results:

1) Only 26% of people can name all three branches of the federal government.
2) 33% cannot name ANY branch of the federal government.
3) 37% of people could not name one right that is protected by the 1st Amendment.

This is sickening to me. A republic can only stand when its people are moral, educated and involved in their government. That involvement cannot end when elections do. Our scrutiny needs to be more severe after we elect our officials.

It is way past time that we relegate the two “major” parties to the scrapheap of history. it is time we have a 3rd, 4th and even 5th viable party that will actually represent its constituents. It is time we once again are educated on our founding principles and especially the Constitution of the United States of America.

Until we the people decide that it is our responsibility to make things right, then our government will continue down the path of our destruction. Make no mistake, our country is on the road to being dissolved. Our trajectory is unsustainable and unless the people take their rightful position as masters of our government then those who have hijacked it will lead us to ruin. We can start this process of healing by supporting parties that will champion our ideals. The alternative is the destruction of the United States of America. That is where we are heading if we continue to support socialism.

Join me at Constitutional Cappuccino to get plugged into a website that is all about the education Americans need to move our country back to its proper trajectory. My new book “Patriot Ammo: The Words Behind Our Flag” is also available and teaches of our founding documents and principles. The book would make a great present for anybody 16 and up.


The Folly of a Convention of the States

There is an increasing call as of late to get states to sign on to the idea of commencing an Article 5 convention to change the Constitution of the United States of America. The people who support this say that the states need to initiate this action so we can rein in the federal government’s corruption. They propose to put term limits, a balanced budget amendment and an amendment limiting the power of the federal government. This idea is heavily flawed. What this idea will really do is allow the criminals we have in office, and their handlers, to change the Constitution to suit their purposes. There are some changes to the Constitution that could be good for America, but this is not the time to allow our politicians in office the keys to the Constitution.

Here is Article 5 for reference:

“The Congress, whenever two thirds of both Houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose Amendments to this Constitution, or, on the Application of the Legislatures of two thirds of the several States, shall call a Convention for proposing Amendments, which, in either Case, shall be valid to all Intents and Purposes, as Part of this Constitution, when ratified by the Legislatures of three fourths of the several States, or by Conventions in three fourths thereof, as the one or the other Mode of Ratification may be proposed by the Congress; Provided that no Amendment which may be made prior to the Year One thousand eight hundred and eight shall in any Manner affect the first and fourth Clauses in the Ninth Section of the first Article; and that no State, without its Consent, shall be deprived of its equal Suffrage in the Senate.”

The real problem we face is the ignoring of the Constitution. Most of what Washington DC does is unconstitutional by definition. The very existence of most of the departments and agencies that we have now in Washington DC prove that. The Federal Reserve for instance. Congress is delegated the power “To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin”. They have illegally allowed the Federal Reserve, a private corporation, to wield this power. The Congress passing “laws” to change the Constitution is by definition unconstitutional. Only through an Article 5 convention could this power be changed, because the Constitution itself needs to be changed.

Add to that list the Departments of Education, Energy, Health and Human Services, Agriculture, Transportation, Homeland Security, and Housing and Urban Development. None of these departments are authorized by the Constitution and exist unlawfully. The problems we face are employees of the federal government not abiding by their oath to office and their complete disregard for the Constitution of the United States of America.

Article 5 of the Constitution was written for one reason, to change the Constitution. It has nothing to do with making our government employees comply with the law. It is not an enforcement mechanism for the people. It exists simply to change the Constitution when good ideas need to be enacted.

Instead of working to make our government employees follow the law, these people think that changing the law is the proper course of action. If this was the sum total of the action I would say go for it. But it is not. When a convention is called by the states, no one knows what will be proposed. The Convention of States Project completely ignores or gives out misinformation to allay the people’s fears. They state that their applications are binding and that only items stated in the applications can be addressed. That is a lie. Refer back to the Article itself for clarification on this point. “shall call a Convention for proposing Amendments”. When the convention begins is the time that amendments are proposed. There is no truth in the binding of delegates nor of a limited convention.

There has never been a convention called by the states under our current Constitution. Every amendment has been proposed by Congress and ratified by the states. The closest thing that we have witnessed in our history was the Constitutional Convention of 1787 which gave us our current Constitution. Originally described as a convention to amend the Articles of Confederation, it was rapidly turned on its head and became a convention to give us a new Constitution. The same thing could happen today with a convention of the states.

Even more alarming in 1787 was the ratification process for the new Constitution was changed. Under the Articles of Confederation, all of the states, 100% of them, had to agree to changes to make them law. In the Constitutional Convention they changed that to 3/4 of the states, or nine states out of the thirteen. In modern times a new Constitution could be created and the ratification process along with it. Is our Constitution so flawed it needs to be replaced or even changed? Or is it the rejection of our Constitution by those in power which is the problem?

The purpose as stated by the Convention of States Project was originally three fold- term limits, balanced budget, and the limiting of federal power. They have changed their tune depending on the state legislature they are soliciting. Two out of these three items are already found in the Constitution but are being ignored. These idea presented by the convention of states project are the window dressing to fool people into supporting this misguided effort.

Term Limits. We already have term limits, it is called the vote. The electorate is the problem here, not the Constitution. We the people already have the ability to term limit our elected officials but for whatever reason we choose not to in most cases. If we did get a term limit amendment it would do nothing to make the people already in office comply with the law. Changing out 535 elected officials of the federal government will do nothing to rein in the other 1,7000,000+ employees that are already employed at the federal level.

Balanced Budget. Article 1 Section 8, the enumerated powers of Congress, already covers this topic. We have Congress funding entities which are not prescribed by the Constitution. Where is healthcare in Article 1 Section 8? How about Planned Parenthood? Common Core? How about infrastructure repair? None of this is found in Article 1 and is thus unconstitutional and funding unconstitutional entities is breaking the law. Even worse, the idea of a balance budget ignores the unlawful nature of these entities. This amendment would allow for the funding of these unconstitutional agencies and departments in defiance of the words already contained in the Constitution. Why do we need another amendment for the our elected officials and their minions in Washington DC to ignore or use as an excuse for unlawful activity?

Limiting power of Washington DC. The whole of the Constitution describes what a lawful government is. Where in the Constitution is the Administration for Community Living, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Bureau, Amtrak, the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection, the Bureau of Industry and Security, the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement, the Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education, the Chemical Safety Board, the Chief Human Capital Officers Council, the Office of Child Support Enforcement, the Department of Education Office of Civil Rights, the Commission of Fine Arts, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the Council of Economic Advisors. the Council on Environmental Quality, the Delta Regional Authority, the Dwight D. Eisenhower School for National Security, Economic Growth, Energy and the Environment, the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education, the Employment and Training Administration, Energy Information Administration, Energy Star Program, Environmental Management, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Export-Import Bank of the United States just to name a few ( I stopped at “E” under federal agencies listed by the government at ) authorized by our Constitution? They are not. It has been a slow but steady creep to create the unconstitutional bureaucratic monstrosity we witness today.

Then there are some agencies that are in direct conflict of the Constitution. The Bureau of Land Management for instance. The Constitution is quite clear the land that the federal government is allowed to own. Article 1 Section 17 describes what the lawful ownership of land is to be:

“To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, by Cession of particular States, and the Acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of the Government of the United States, and to exercise like Authority over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings”

And yet they are still funded by the criminals in office in defiance of their oath to office and the Constitution itself. The Bundy’s were correct in their assessment of the BLM.

Our government is out of control. What we are witnessing is over a century in the making. We have allowed the government to ignore the Constitution and the results are leading to the destruction of our republic. There are no easy fixes. Changing the Constitution will do nothing to make our government comply with the laws. But it will allow the people who want to fundamentally change the United States of America an opportunity like no other.

Now is the time to fight this foolishness. Do you want the 2nd Amendment removed like former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens? Maybe you just want to have it clarified like some in the COS project have stated? The only way to legally do so would be holding an Article 5 Convention. There are no easy fixes to the problems we face as a nation. A convention of states at this time could have dire consequences with the benefit, IF everything goes correctly, being very minimal. Just say no.

Join me at Constitutional Cappuccino to get plugged into a website that is all about the education Americans need to move our country back to its proper trajectory. My new book “Patriot Ammo: The Words Behind Our Flag” is also available and teaches of our founding documents and principles. The book would make a great present for anybody 16 and up.

Governor Rick Scott Should Be Prosecuted

Governor Rick Scott of Florida, who signed SB 7026 into law, has violated his oath to office. He, like everyone else who is elected, is required by the Constitution of both the United States and that of Florida to take an oath to office. Part of that oath is to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. He has blatantly turned his back on the document with his actions last week. It is time that we the people exercise our power and bring him to justice.

One of the most pernicious provisions of this bill is to raise the age for purchasing a gun to 21. He has violated the 2nd Amendment by infringing on the right for an adult to keep and bear arms. He has violated the 5th Amendment, “nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law”, by revoking the rights of 100,000’s of young adults to purchase a gun and by authorizing judges to confiscate a person’s guns. He has violated Article 4 Section 4 which states “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government”. His actions are those of a tyrant, not an elected official in our constitutional republic. His oath is a contract to the people he represents to govern in a legal manner. He has violated the terms of his contract. He must be held accountable.

Simply fighting against the law itself is insufficient. It is time we held our elected officials accountable when they break the law, especially one of this magnitude. A violation of the oath is a criminal offense. He committed perjury when he took his oath to office it seems. He did not intend to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States when he took the oath, as he told us he would. He committed perjury – ” the intentional act of swearing a false oath or falsifying an affirmation to tell the truth, whether spoken or in writing, concerning matters material to an official proceeding”. Scott has invalidated his own oath which means he can no longer hold his office as governor.

It is Pam Bondi who should be leading this charge. She is Attorney General and has the power to move this forward. I am not holding my breath. But it is time that a grand jury be informed of the offense and if enough evidence is presented to support the accusations they should issue an indictment. A trial should ensue and determine if he is guilty of violating his oath to office. If he is indeed found guilty, he should be removed from office. There can be no compromise on this.

Imagine if Scott had signed a law which made it illegal to utilize the right to free speech if under the age of 21? How about if he had said jury trials are no longer afforded to those adults under the age of 21? His infringement of the right to keep and bear arms for young adults is as highly offensive and illegal. The tenets of this country state we have unalienable rights and it is the duty of government to protect those rights. When government instead infringes on those rights, it is the right and duty of the people to hold them accountable.

We the people can no longer sit on the sidelines and hope that government will obey the law or fix its own mistakes. Article 1 Section 1 of the Florida Constitution sums it up nicely: “All political power is inherent in the people.”. That is a very powerful statement that indicates, among other things, that we the people of Florida are responsible for the actions of our elected officials. Our responsibility for their actions does not stop when they are elected. On the contrary. That’s when they start. They are our employees and when they break the law it is our responsibility to correct the mistake up to and including firing the employee. It’s our responsibility folks. Time to get busy.

Join me at Constitutional Cappuccino to get plugged into a website that is all about the education Americans need to move our country back to its proper trajectory. My new book “Patriot Ammo: The Words Behind Our Flag” is also available and teaches of our founding documents and principles. The book would make a great present for anybody 16 and up.

The 2nd Amendment: Barrels, Bolts and the Bottom Line

There are few if any rights that have been as successfully defended as the right to keep and bear arms. Though under almost constant attack, there has been more done to not only protect but expand gun rights in America in the last couple decades. As we witness NSA spying, EPA tyranny, and BLM criminality, we also witness more states signing on to the idea of constitutional carry and open carry. I am here to bolster the debate by discussing the reasoning behind the 2nd Amendment.

The 2nd Amendment is based off of the right to life. You have a right to live. It is unalienable. Life is the most fundamental right you possess, without it free speech or trial by jury or any other right you enjoy is moot. The obligation to defend that life is yours and yours alone. No one else is responsible for your life. Along the same lines and because of their relation to life, the idea of protecting one’s liberty and property is also important to acknowledge.

Liberty, the ability to live your life how you want, and private property ownership were ingrained in the thoughts of the people of early America. It was commonplace for people to carry pistols, rifles or even swords to protect themselves and their property. Most ships were armed. Crime has existed throughout human history. It is part of the human condition. Our ancestors acknowledged that people had to defend themselves from the depravity of others.

Protecting your life, liberty and property is your responsibility. Because of this the Founders put into words very specific restrictions on the government’s ability to infringe on that right. There are many ways that your life can be put in danger. There is equally a myriad of ways that you could be enslaved and your property damaged or stolen. Our Founders realized governments were on the top of the list of perpetrators. Long before Mao, Hitler and Stalin our Founders realized that government was the biggest abuser of human rights that had ever existed.

It was understood that a well armed populace would keep tyrannical government in check. It is difficult for tyrants to rise to power when citizens can defend themselves. The colonists were subject to arbitrary gun laws throughout their history as Englishmen and were experiencing the same treatment from King George. The British knew that an armed populace was dangerous to their plans, so they took measures to counter the threat.

Our Revolutionary War truly began after the British tried to confiscate gun powder and weapons. The British moved a force which had dispersed a militia in Lexington to Concord where a large supply of arms and powder was stored. This force was quickly routed and retreated because of the action of the militia at Concord. This incident is often referred to as “The Shot Heard ’round the World”. This event, though almost 15 years earlier, was fresh in the Founders minds when they crafted the Bill of Rights. It was also fresh in the minds of the legislators who ratified those 10 amendments.

So when you hear a person criticizing the “power” of a weapon, the amount of ammunition in a magazine or the wisdom of we the people having access to guns just think- How nice it is to be alive? If something threatens your life or the lives of the people you love, why wouldn’t any sane person want the most lethal of weapons to defend themselves? Having the ability to defend yourself and those around you if you so choose infringes on no one else’s rights. It does just the opposite. It strengthens them. The best way to stop an evil person intent on violence is by a good person with a gun. A gun is a great equalizer.

Constant application of the above principle gives criminals a new perspective on life. Most criminals look for victims not people willing to fight back. When there are more armed people the amount of criminals willing to take their own life into their hands go down. The same ideal applies to government. More guns in the hands of citizens equals a safer society. This ideal has been proven throughout our history much to the chagrin of the gun grabbers out there.

Remember that the 2nd Amendment, like the rest of the Bill of Rights, is a sentinel to warn us when government is becoming tyrannical. Our rights are unalienable and not given to us by the Constitution or by government. Government exists to secure our rights and when they begin to infringe on them people should realize our life and liberty are being threatened. It would be a better country if the rest of the Bill of Rights was as well defended as the 2nd. ‘Nuff said.

One last thought. Whether we have the 2nd Amendment or we don’t, the right to keep and bear arms is still an inalienable right. The Bill of Rights was not included in the original Constitution and yet we still possessed our rights. I have written about the creation of the Bill of Rights. The important message- the legacy of the United States of America is that we realized that our rights are inalienable and created our federal government around that idea. There is nothing more important than that thought in our founding documents. Everything we have accomplished as a nation originates with that belief.

I give kudos to those people and organizations out there that have fought to preserve our 2nd Amendment protected rights. Their success in this area should be a blueprint for the rest of the conservative movement battling other inroads into our rights. This is one of the few areas where we have been proactive. Attacking the problem allows movement forward and keeps the opposition in a vulnerable position. Action beats reaction. The continued preservation of gun rights is critical to our continued liberty. Patriots Awake!

Join me at Constitutional Cappuccino to get plugged into a website that is all about the education Americans need to move our country back to its proper trajectory. My new book “Patriot Ammo: The Words Behind Our Flag” is also available and teaches of our founding documents and principles. The book would make a great present for anybody 16 and up.

Protected Classes: A Step Above and Superior to Unalienable Rights

I just heard the news concerning the verdict of the Oregon cake maker who refused to create a wedding cake for a lesbian couple. The verdict was for the couple and against the baker. No surprise to me. This is Oregon we are talking about after all. But that does not diminish my angst at the ruling. This decision is flawed on many levels but that again is nothing new the with modern day interpretation of jurisprudence. This is just another in a long line of attacks against the values and laws this country was founded upon and thrived under.

To think a person has a right to make someone else perform an activity is misguided. We have a word for that. Slavery. Or maybe indentured servitude since there is a payment. Either way, it takes away the person’s ability to control their own lives because of the will of another. Who owns your life? You, a stranger or maybe the courts or government? The true answer should be clear. Reality. however, is showing a different answer.

The most fundamental unalienable right a person possesses is the right to life. You and you alone are responsible for your own life. Your life is yours to live however you want as long as you infringe on no one else’s rights. The living of your life is what we refer to as liberty. When someone tries to introduce into that equation any type of coercion or force to make you do something you do not want to, then your most basic rights are being violated.

In this case, two lesbians went into a bakery shop, since closed by the way, and ordered a wedding cake, The owners of the bakery said they could not design a cake for such a purpose, but they were free to get anything else in the bakery. The bakers stated that a marriage performed for gays was not in accordance with their Christian beliefs and they would not use their talents to participate. The couple insisted on the wedding cake and were refused. They then left.

Instead of doing what a normal couple would do and find another baker to make the cake, they decided to sue. They complained to the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries saying they were refused a cake because of their sexual orientation. That bureau eventually slapped a $135,000 fine on the bakers and the bakers appealed. This latest decision is the results of that appeal.

Instead of telling their story and letting the public (consumers) decide the fate of the bakery, this couple instead choose to use the power of government to enforce their will. I cannot find it anywhere, but I am guessing they did indeed buy a cake from another bakery for their wedding which occurred. So a cake was had yet the lawsuit went forward because they couldn’t get a cake. They were offended because a specific baker denied the use of his services to make a cake. Being offended in today’s society seems to be a cash cow for those with special government protection.

Because they couldn’t get a cake from a specific baker, and because of the ensuing controversy, this couple claimed to have experienced an array of maladies. This is a partial list of the 88 symptoms they claimed to have suffered from because of the ordeal. An “acute loss of confidence”, “doubt”, and “uncertainty”. They claimed they “felt mentally raped, dirty and shameful”, had “high blood pressure”, “impaired digestion”, “weight gain” and “loss of appetite”. The said they suffered “excessive sleep”, “migraine headaches” and were “pale and sick at home after work”. One or both of them began a “resumption of smoking habit”. They also were fraught with “shock”, were “stunned”, “surprise”, and had “worry.” For that and other symptoms they received a total of $135,000.

“It does not matter how you were born or who you love. All of us are equal under the law and should be treated equally. Oregon will not allow a ‘Straight Couples Only’ sign to be hung in bakeries or other stores,” This is the couples idea of justice. The ideals of liberty are wiped away because of someone’s feelings or special protections. The idea that if someone doesn’t get their way, they then sue because they are being discriminated against because of who they are. And, oh yeah, only certain classes are protected in this ideal.

Realize the truth here – A “protected” class of people have superior rights above and beyond the unalienable rights that we regular humans possess. They are “special” because of their deviation from the rest of society. They get special “rights” because of their minority status. Because of this special privilege, they are superior in the eyes of the law. If you are not protected then no one in government really cares.

Another incident that occurred during this time period found the baker’s GoFundMe account closed because GoFundMe’s deemed that the bakers were wrong. Along these lines, what about the musicians who refused to perform for Trump’s inauguration? What about the dressmakers who publicly refused to design Melania Trump’s dresses? These ideas are parallel and hypocrisy is what separates them.

What also separates them is the people “offended” acted like adults, not spoiled kids and got their products somewhere else. Real Americans take this issue into their own hands and if offended enough start a boycott to make the business see reason. I cite Target and the NFL among the most recent. Chick Fil A also had this idea applied to it..

The idea that someone who is offended can invoke the bureaucracy to strike back at the people who offended them is malicious and dangerous. The idea that someone who doesn’t get to participate with a specific business for whatever reason can invoke the power of government without due process and get awarded money is a gross miscarriage of justice. No one has a right to tell another person how to use their life. It is true fascism to think government should be able to tell a business how to operate. But that is exactly where we are at. The same people that cheer Antifa also support fascism.  How is that for hypocrisy? Whatever happened to the leftist mantra of “pro-choice”?

This is a very slippery slope we have engaged upon. it is my hope that the Supreme Court rules on the very similar case it now has before it, Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, correctly. Whatever the courts do or don’t say, it is time for we the people to have our voices heard.

Bureaucracies ruining a family business and courts telling us what the law is and how to act need to be opposed. The “snowflake” mentality of injury because of perceived persecution needs to be fought. When we allow the courts and bureaucracy to dictate how our lives are to be lived then we are no longer free and are being ruled by an oligarchy. Our constitutional republic must be preserved and fought for. Liberty must triumph. Patriots Awake!

Join me at Constitutional Cappuccino to get plugged into a website that is all about the education Americans need to move our country back to its proper trajectory. My new book “Patriot Ammo: The Words Behind Our Flag” is also available and teaches of our founding documents and principles. The book would make a great present for anybody 15 and up.

My Conservative Vision

I have written a number of articles which deal mostly with the Constitution and the founding ideals of this country. I try to educate people on various aspects of liberty and how the original trajectory of our country allowed us to realize that goal. I also discuss at length how we are veering away from our target. There has been centuries long debate on the subject of liberty in western society and in our case that knowledge culminated in the revolution of the colonies and subsequent creation of our country.

Our country is a miracle. It is a miracle created by people who understood what the price of liberty truly was. It was the perfect storm of historical education mated with tyrannical acts co-mingled with an enduring desire to be free. We took on the biggest military force at the time and won against all odds. We then created a nation along the principles we fought for.

Imagine where we could be if we had stuck to those principles.

What I will describe is a partial look at what I call my “conservative vision”. I formulate what I think our society could become if we made the effort to do so. I have a few topics below which I will discuss. This is by no means an exhaustive list of the “to-do” items that need to occur. I will cover some themes that seem to be presently popular. What I will describe can be translated to other topics and is about core principles. These principles manifest themselves into ideas and action when applied to a specific situation.

The first item which I support everyday is education. When people again understand the founding principles of this country and the significance of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution we can begin moving our country back in its correct direction. When people once again understand that we the people created government to protect our rights and that only a limited government can accomplish that goal then we can start addressing the real problems we face as a a nation. Without a grass roots upswell of support for our founding ideals, the challenges we face will never be solved.

The rise of the administrative state has had made the biggest impact on the loss of prosperity we have witnessed as a people. What I see in a conservative utopia is all business, financial, and health “services” handled by Washington be moved back to the states. Elimination of agencies such as the EPA, BLM, the Departments of Commerce, Education and Energy to name a few will happen. Not only are they unconstitutional by definition, i.e.- they are not enumerated powers, but by allowing the states to take over it will make the system much more efficient and manageable.

Imagine if the state was responsible solely for the cleanliness it maintains. Gone would be the days of the states pointing to the feds and vice versa when a problem occurs. When something did happen the citizens of the state would all know who was responsible and look to people in our own state to fix the problem. If our government doesn’t deliver then it is much easier to unseat a sitting state representative or senator then a federal one. It is much easier to get changes at a state level than at the federal and especially if more people are focused locally, which would be the case if there was less federal involvement.

Business regulation would also be eliminated at the federal level. We are all guaranteed a right to peaceably assemble. A job is a superior peaceable assemblage. You get paid for it. All of this would be handled at the state and local level. As with most agencies, the states and counties already have in place a mechanism to handle the work needed to be performed. The states could cater to the people that inhabited the state. It would allow the great experiment we started to continue.

The original idea was each state was an experiment in liberty. They are sovereign entities. They are charged with the bulk of power to making society work.The citizens within each state decide how they want to live. As states prosper because of their decisions, people move there to reap the benefits. Good ideas are copied by others to remain competitive. Less successful intrigues are avoided or manipulated to work. Instead of the top down pressure to conform which stifles innovation and liberty, we the people pursue happiness without federal government interference. This is the America we need to return.

Another bonus of eliminating Washington DC control of our lives is the vast savings that will occur by eliminating the most wasteful level of government we witness. One extraordinarily large layer of bureaucracy eliminated. By avoiding this pit of corruption, abuse and malfeasance we would have more money to spend at the local level. Money leaves our state only to be returned with strings attached. Eliminating the EPA alone will free up 8 billion per year and over 17,000 employees who will no longer be eligible for a government pension at taxpayer expense. That is just one agency among hundreds that need to be eliminated. The savings would be astoundingly mind boggling and wondrous.

Along with the idea of shrinking the administrative state is to eliminate the income tax. The income tax was instituted to pay for the monstrosity we witness today. The concept that our federal government needs to tax us to operate is ludicrous. When we were first born as a nation, the whole of federal government fit into one building. There were only three departments originally authorized- State, Treasury and War. There were no other agencies in play. Our government was instituted when there were roughly 4 million citizens. Now we have a federal government exceeding 2,700,000 people employed directly. Imagine the extraordinary savings that will befall the American people when most of these people are let go. We could easily pass the savings on to the people by eliminating the IRS and the 16th Amendment.

To insure we control our own monetary supply the elimination of the Federal Reserve and making Congress take back their rightfully delegated power is a must. “To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin” is the power delegated to Congress. They cannot simply delegate that power out to another entity without an amendment. That would be by definition unconstitutional. This is the significance of Article 1 Section 8 Clause 5 which I linked above. By eliminating the interest on the debt it would be much simpler to pay down the debt. The idea of a private corporation controlling our monetary system strikes me as un-American. The name “Federal Reserve” is very misleading. So is its purpose. Our federal government has specific tasks that they should focus on those and leave the rest to the states.

Another topic that needs some discussion is private property ownership. The idea we must pay our state to live in that state is tyrannical. It is ingrained into most people, however. Who do you think owns your home? It isn’t you. If you think so then stop paying property tax for a few years and you will realize who really owns it. Try to make a major repair or renovation without a permit and see who owns your property. Try to go “off grid” like a lady did in Coral Gables and see who owns your property. The idea that if you become destitute that you lose your house to the state is repulsive to those of us who understand liberty. It may be that some states don’t operate like this. All that I have researched do but I have not studied all 50 states to confirm. Private property ownership is the backbone of a free society. Once we understand and implement this simple ideal we will have a better nation.

A simple change that would have far reaching consequences would be the elimination of the 17th Amendment. The original idea of state legislators picking their Senators gave the states a seat at the federal table. The Senators represented the states. We the people already have representation in the House. This is an important aspect of federalism that was eliminated and shown to be detrimental to the long term viability of our nation. It is an easy fix that would help to diminish the overbearing stance of the federal government of today.

The last topic I will discuss is an idea that is much older than our country. it is an idea that is the foundation of our common law traditions and laws. it is the idea that there can only be a crime if there is a victim. Tyranny is built upon arbitrary laws. When we allow ourselves to trade liberty for security then we have lost. Only when someone’s rights have been violated has a crime occurred. The rest is what we call liberty. Liberty is doing what you want as long as you infringe on no one else’s rights.

Traffic tickets for example. You speeding is hurting no one else. It is true that you may have an increased chance of causing harm, but no harm is found in the act itself. The true liberty application of these laws is to give tickets to only those people who actually infringe on another’s rights. If you’re involved in an accident and were speeding, you get a ticket for both. If you ran a red light and smacked into someone then you get a ticket. The idea of preemption, that you get a ticket for something that affected no one else, is an idea that invariably leads to abuse. Red light cameras are the epitome of this thought.

Drug use comes to mind along these lines also. A person who uses “illegal” drugs or too much of a “legal” drug is arrested by authorities. Who has been harmed by their actions? Them? Maybe. But they are not a victim. They made a choice which affected no one else nor infringed on anyone’s rights. The simple act of puffing on a plant in the wrong place at the wrong time can lead to jail. How is anyone else’s rights infringed if a person gets high?

Now sure, if they go and drive and get into an accident then there is a problem. You could add the driving while impaired charges rightfully at that time. If you truly think that drug use is a problem ask yourself- how is sending a person to jail and giving them a criminal record any type of assistance with their problem? This goes back to the idea of trading liberty for security. It is a very slippery slope.

It is liberty that our Founders bequeathed to us. The ability to follow your dreams wherever they may lead. The idea you can do what you want so long as you don’t infringe on anyone else’s rights. The idea that each person is best suited to determine how they should live their lives. The idea that government exists to protect our rights.

Does it create equality? Far from it. But it invariably creates prosperity where even the poorest among us live better than most of the rest of the world. It creates a society where people helping people can occur with regularity because of the abundance that is unleashed. Minimum wages? Poppycock! Income tax? Boulderdash! Inheritance tax? Rubbish! Liberty is where it is at. We have already proven where it can take us. Time to get back on the path and truly move our society forward. Patriots Awake!!!

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