Calling All Conservatives- Your Republic Needs You!

The two party system has failed you. It is as simple as that. Looking at the history of our country it becomes apparent that we have altered our trajectory away from liberty and have instead embraced socialism. Many will be scoffing right now. I wish I could. But the evidence of our acceptance of socialist policies from our government is irrefutable.

Republicans and Democrats are supposed to be at opposite ends of our spectrum. Democrats are identified with the left and Republicans with the right. The truth is both parties have moved toward bigger more intrusive government. Both parties have participated in and supported ideas that go against our founding principles and our Constitution.

The monopoly presented by the two “major” parties is rooted in fear. Many are fearful of the other side. Because the other party is so repugnant, they would sacrifice principles just to make sure their opponents don’t get into power. They support their party, over principles, because of fear. There are plenty of conservatives in the Republican Party that have to feel this way. I know I did. I would guess there are many good democrats that refuse to vote for republicans because they also fear them. Or, just as likely, they support socialism and want the democrats to succeed.

As we look at today, it is an inescapable conclusion that we have been taken over from within. The enemies of America have almost unlimited money to do their work, and they have been spending that money freely. These enemies have strongholds in our government, our schools, the media and our entertainment industry. This has been a planned effort with the binding force being a common ideal. Socialism. We now have an increasing number of Americans who for the most part have no idea why we instituted our government or what a proper government looks like. Our Constitution is being ignored and no one bats an eye. Socialist ideas are the norm for society. Before you scoff, read on.

Here are some of the planks of the Communist manifesto and the corresponding actions we have taken. Here is the proof of my words.

Abolition of Private Property. Property taxes do exactly this. If you think you own your home or a piece of land, try not paying taxes on it for a few years and see who really owns it. This idea of property taxes is so ingrained in most people that to question it is bordering on insanity. “How will roads be paid for?” “How will schools operate?” Those questions and plenty of others have been drilled into the heads of Americans for decades. We now repeat them blindly and for many it is their truth.

The real truth, however, paints a different picture. Private property ownership is a representation of your life and what you did with it. Your life is your own, you are no slave. The products of your life are also yours and yours alone. No one has any claim to that. Instead we now repeat the mantra of “how will government operate without property taxes?”. That is a good question to ask yourself. The answer will lead you back toward liberty.

A heavy progressive or graduated tax. Won’t have to talk about this for long. The IRS is known to almost everyone. What isn’t known by as many is that the income tax and IRS were only around since 1913, instituted during the Wilson administration. We had a prosperous and growing country without the need of these taxes. We had won many wars, had plenty of roads, enough government buildings, schools and the like. We had an functioning society without the federal government taxing us.

Abolition of rights of inheritance. Inheritance taxes. The privilege of dying now costs you. It has for a while. This was accomplished by class envy and the idea of “taxing the rich”. This is also another attack into private property ownership. The fools who supported this idea played right into the hands of the socialists.

Centralization of credit in the hands of the state. The Federal Reserve is the answer here. Also created under the Wilson administration, (what a bad time for future Americans we witnessed during his term) this unconstitutional legislation which passed and made a national currency under this private corporation. Congress is enumerated this power. The only way this could be legal is to change the Constitution and add an amendment. That has not happened yet we have this unholy monopoly controlling our nation’s monetary policy.

We got taken off the individual gold standard by Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Not only that, all gold was confiscated and traded for federal reserve notes (Executive order 6102). Nixon eliminated the international gold standard under his watch which meant other countries could no longer redeem American dollars for gold. He instead made a deal with OPEC to make the dollar the only currency to be used to purchase their oil. Since that move, the value of the dollar has plummeted (estimates are as high as 90%!!!), and our military involvement in the middle east has skyrocketed.

The incessant introduction of new money and the paying of debts with newly printed money produces inflation which devalues the dollar. So does printing money and buying assets from the government, for instance bonds, with newly printed money. The money that is created out of thin air reduces the value of the dollars already in circulation. But enough of the economics lesson. You can read about this in many places.

Centralization of the means of communication and transportation in the hands of the state. This has been accomplished through many departments and agencies. The FCC, Department of Transportation, the Interstate Commerce Commission, and the Federal Aviation Administration are the answers to the socialist’s dreams. Add to the Amtrak, a blatantly socialist government owned and operated rail carrier, and the picture is complete.

And the kicker. Promoted by socialists for years and now a way of life in America. Something that we cannot live without it seems. Yes I am talking about schools.

“Free” education for all children in government schools. Yes, this is a socialist idea. Not the schools of course, but the government supervising operations. I put “free” in parenthesis because of course tax money, taken from people under duress, is what is funding these schools. Remember the IRS and property taxes? The Department of Education and the recent “Common Core” indoctrination are the evidence of the continuing infiltration by our federal government.

Guess who is responsible for this all coming to fruition? Republicans and Democrats of course. We are to believe that these parties oppose each other, and in some minor ways there is a difference, but when it comes to the socialist agenda they have been in lock step for decades.

An important note. All of what I have listed is not supported by the Constitution. The continued funding and support by our elected officials for any agency or department listed above represents a violation of their oath to office. Both parties have turned their backs on the Constitution quite a while ago. Though there are a few people who talk a good game, the fact remains that the unconstitutional bureaucratic state that was created has not been dismantled, on the contrary it continues to get larger no matter which party is in power.

Now my point. Conservatives, if you think that the republican party can somehow be swayed to be the savior of our country then you are not accepting fact. There are many conservatives, people who believe in the tenets of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, that are stuck in a party that no longer represents them or their principles. People who support the Constitution are outcasts. Lip service is given to the document of course but nothing is done to get us back to the ideals and structure it espouses.

If you really want to move the republican party back to conservative ideas, you must leave the republican party. That is right. Leave. The people who remain will be those who cast a vote because there is an “R” beside the name. They are going nowhere. Their fear of democrats is palpable and they will oppose democrats, i.e. vote republican, with sickening certainty. If enough conservatives leave then the republican party they will have to move back to the right to capture those votes.

There are also some great third parties out there also that could use support. The Constitution Party, the Libertarian Party and the Federalist Party are all good choices for the person who supports the Constitution and liberty. It is way past time that Americans stop supporting the uni-brow party (republicans and democrats) and instead stick to their principles and support parties that will actually represent them.

In Matters of Style, Swim With the Current, In Matters of Principle Stand Like a Rock.

Thomas Jefferson

I understand the angst of leaving a major party. I did exactly that. This anxiety could originate for a myriad of reasons. Maybe the person has spent years working in the party. Maybe they have become prominent in those circles. Maybe they are making money staying put. The one thing they cannot admit is that the time that they have spent has been wasted because the principles they support are not representative of the party they have put their efforts behind. Fear is a powerful motivator, and properly harnessed can make people act in ways that they normally wouldn’t.

“I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.”

Frank Herbert

Then there are republicans who can point to a state representative, mayor, county commissioner or some other elected republican official that does support the Constitution. These elected officials are an aberration and not representative of the party they are part of. They are also a very small minority and are in no way a solution to the problems we face as a nation.

Our republic is dying. We have over a full generation that hasn’t been taught the greatness our nation has attained. They have not been taught the way our government is supposed to work and can not identify what a constitutional government would even look like. Government schools have done their job to make ignorant the public as a whole when it comes to civics. The enemies of America who have hijacked our schools have been very successful. This is also born out by facts.

A recent poll by the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg Public policy Center had some startling results:

1) Only 26% of people can name all three branches of the federal government.
2) 33% cannot name ANY branch of the federal government.
3) 37% of people could not name one right that is protected by the 1st Amendment.

This is sickening to me. A republic can only stand when its people are moral, educated and involved in their government. That involvement cannot end when elections do. Our scrutiny needs to be more severe after we elect our officials.

It is way past time that we relegate the two “major” parties to the scrapheap of history. it is time we have a 3rd, 4th and even 5th viable party that will actually represent its constituents. It is time we once again are educated on our founding principles and especially the Constitution of the United States of America.

Until we the people decide that it is our responsibility to make things right, then our government will continue down the path of our destruction. Make no mistake, our country is on the road to being dissolved. Our trajectory is unsustainable and unless the people take their rightful position as masters of our government then those who have hijacked it will lead us to ruin. We can start this process of healing by supporting parties that will champion our ideals. The alternative is the destruction of the United States of America. That is where we are heading if we continue to support socialism.

Join me at Constitutional Cappuccino to get plugged into a website that is all about the education Americans need to move our country back to its proper trajectory. My new book “Patriot Ammo: The Words Behind Our Flag” is also available and teaches of our founding documents and principles. The book would make a great present for anybody 16 and up.



2016 Elections: The Silver Lining

What if I told you that the 2016 elections could go down as a seminal moment in our country? That this election could be recorded  in the history books as a turning point in modern day American politics? It is my contention that if more people were true to themselves and voted their conscience then some good could come out of this election cycle. We the people can start to turn the needle back toward the path of liberty and prosperity. Some have realized this path but many deny the truth before their very eyes.

The two party monopoly we witness in this country is the largest impediment we face as a nation. Breaking this monopoly is one of the ways to stop the lawlessness we have witnessed issuing from Washington DC (District of Corruption). The democrats and republicans are very much like Coke and Pepsi. They are self avowed “competitors”. They offer different products that are almost the same with just a little difference of taste and packaging.  They may “oppose” each other but each supports the other so they both can remain on top. Look at supermarket soft drink rotation and placement. Neither wants to eliminate the other because they both recognize that they can prosper and continue to prosper by eliminating unvetted competition and keeping both their products prominent. A new major player could upset the balance. The same theory is applicable to the republicans and democrats.

This is what we have been witnessing in our national politics.

Democrats have moved so far toward socialism that describing them as liberals is disingenuous. Limited constitutional government? Pelosi would burst into flames if she was made to utter these words. Democrats have aligned themselves with Alinsky and Marx. They follow a playbook that has been described to us over a century ago. It includes racial division, economic division, gun control, creating debt, creating government dependence, control of education, attacks on religion, and controlling healthcare. Sounds like they have been busy and pretty successful. This plan has been implemented for over a century now and we are seeing the endgame emerge. The big problem is no one politically is opposing these unconstitutional changes.

It is my contention that the republicans are the water carriers for the democrats these days. They have capitulated and supported leftist policy openly and brazenly as of late. Obamacare. Sanctuary cities. Common Core. The budget. We get promises. We hear excuses. Society continues to move away from prosperity and freedom and move toward poverty and dependence.

Why do we still have Obamacare? The latest news is very damning. Some people’s premiums are going to go up over 100%. Most are expected to rise by at least 20%. This is anything but “Affordable”. The republicans have had control of the House for 5 years now and could have defunded it at any time. It would have been a political fight but they have every constitutional right to present any budget they want. Understand what the power of the purse is. Any previous bill passed by Congress that becomes law is susceptible to future Congresses. If the present Congress does not fund something, then it disappears. It is that simple. It is that powerful. Now there is always political fallout but this defunding is easily accomplished. The reason that we still have Obamacare is because republicans like it. It is an easy way to “differentiate” themselves from democrats. Their lack of action shows their lack of integrity and what I suggest- their collusion with democrats.

Ask yourself how did we double the national debt when we had a republican Congress for the last 5 budgets? Along those same lines why did republicans pass a continuing resolution this year which ends after the elections and is subject to a lame duck session of Congress to handle? A logical reason would be to take the responsibility for passing a budget off of the current Congress so neither side can be criticized for their decisions. A December vote can be manipulated so both sides can claim victor, not that anyone pays attention to politics right before Christmas. Especially after an election year such as we have seen.

Along the same lines as above, why do we still have an illegal immigration problem and why are sanctuary cities still getting federal funding? Why is common Core still funded and the Department of Education still in existence? Is that collusion I smell or has a donkey and elephant been murdered, left to rot and replaced with a rat and a tapeworm? Neither party at this point even pretends to uphold and support the Constitution. Their oath to office is a mere formality to pick up a check. Americans used to care. Real Americans still do.

Democrats have splits among many in their base. It seems that Hillary’s corruption in this primary season, the constant unfurling of revelations about her attitudes towards many of her voting demographics and the support by the highest levels of the democratic party to fix the primary has further aggravated those divisions.  The constant anti-gun, anti-Constitution, and pro big government stance the democrats have adopted has led many  good, true liberals to question their support of the democratic party.  The revelations being exposed by wikileaks when it comes to Hillary and her circle of corruption is not helping democrats either. These revelations may not swing the election, but if she is elected they will be like a little sprout that will grow into a large redwood that will be used as fuel to make her presidency even less effective than her history in public office would suggest. Scandal will follow her like stink a skunk. And rightfully so. Hillary is the most corrupt person to ever run for the office of the presidency.

The republicans have had problems for a while as they have turned their backs on the Constitution and conservatives. Boehner and McConnell were the epitome of what conservatives considered wrong with the party. Eric Cantor, majority leader was primaried. Boehner resigned but not before passing a very pro-Obama budget. Now we have the Ryan paradigm. He is no better that what was in place previously. Republicans elected a republican House and Senate in 2014 in a landmark election yet STILL nothing significant was addressed. Then came the Trump fiasco.

Trump has come out against the Constitution on many occasions. In the first debate Trump agreed with Hillary that people on a no fly list should not be able to purchase guns. That is against the 2nd and 5th Amendments. Trump has repeatedly said that state boundaries are “imaginary lines” when talking about healthcare. That is against the very fabric of the Constitution and its status as a compact. Speaking of Healthcare, Donald has stated his opposition to Obamacare but not because it is unconstitutional. He wants a true government run single payer healthcare system. Go to youtube and you too can see where in a 60 Minutes interview Donald says “The governments going to pay for it but we are going to save so much money on the other side” Trump only opposes Obamacare because it didn’t go far enough. Trump is another in a long line of big government progressives who thinks if he is in control then he can make government work for the people. He has no interest in abiding by his oath to office. No real American can vote for him either.

So now the silver lining part.

Breaking the two party monopoly we are witnessing is one of the most effective ways to get our government under control again. The monopoly must be broken for our republic to survive. Donald Trump and Hillary are the exclamations points to that statement. They exemplify what happens as we continue to vote for the lesser of two evils. But there are other choices. Do not let fear or charlatans tell you anything else.

Darrell Castle of the Constitution Party is a viable choice. The Party’s stance is simple- -uphold and defend the Constitution. They have a solid constitutional base for their beliefs. Any American who support their party can sleep well at night knowing the vote they cast was righteous and moving America in the direction of freedom and independence once again.

The Libertarians are also a viable choice. Yes, I understand that Gary Johnson is not a good candidate and definitely not a good representative of the Libertarian Party. If you were to look into the principles of the Libertarians, you would find a deeply rooted belief in the Constitution espousing principles written about and supported by men like Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. It is my belief that Gary is there to sabotage the Libertarian movement this election by doing exactly what he is doing. It is not some great conspiracy. It is just Gary. He is not a Libertarian yet he got the nomination because of his popularity and celebrity among the libertarian elite. A true libertarian who understands and can articulate the non-aggression principle that the Libertarian Party is built upon would be enjoying phenomenal success this cycle. Unfortunately, we have Gary instead.

There is one more person I wish to speak about. Evan McMullin. Do not be fooled by his slick performance. Evan is an establishment shill. His stated purpose is to throw the election to the House of Representatives. Last time I checked the House of Representatives was populated by republicans and democrats. How is he anybody but a person supporting the status quo, namely the republican and democrat monopoly? He represents no party. He promotes no one but himself which means any support he garners cannot carry past the man who started it. His true purpose is to blunt the rightful third party response this election cycle. Do not be fooled and do not be a fool.

Bottom line: The problems we face as a nation are over a century in the making. Their origins can be traced to Theodore Roosevelt and his successor Woodrow Wilson. Problems of this magnitude are not solved in a single election. They are probably not solved in a generation. The unlawful actions of our federal government must be stopped. Law must restored. Forget the idea that Washington DC is going to fix itself. That will not happen until their unsanctioned and unlawful implementation of power is reversed. That is for another article. Just realize that a vote for a third party this year is a vote to start making life better here in the United States. A vote for Castle or Johnson is a move back toward liberty and prosperity. Do not let fear of a candidate make you vote for someone just to oppose another. If you cannot support someone just don’t vote for anyone in that race.That is a much more honorable use of the vote than to support the lesser of two evils. It is time for Americans to be Americans. The ” land of the free and home of the brave” used to be more than just the ending to a song. Stand up for the Constitution. Stand up for America.