Thank-You Ted Cruz

I was drafting an article asking Ted  Cruz to consider dropping out, but he beat me to the punch. Kudos to you sir. You have made a wise and great long-term decision. It was the right and upstanding thing to do.

I was going to point out that even if there was a contested convention and Cruz had the numbers to take the nomination in the 4th or 5th round, the resulting tumult would be horrendous. No matter how a contested or a brokered convention played out, Cruz would have been the scapegoat for any ills experienced by Trump later on if he lost or would have too much bad will to win the general election himself. Cruz’ decision to drop out after a loss in Indiana is huge for his long term success.

I was going to point out that dropping out early enough so Trump could get the 1237 number would absolve Cruz of any culpability concerning establishment tricks during the convention. This, in my opinion, was crucial to the long term viability of Cruz as a presidential candidate. The establishment has been coming to the Cruz camp as of late and it is nice to see that he would rather abandon his run then get cozy with them.

I was going to further point out that Ted Cruz has a job in Texas for as long as he wants. His support has only grown since he made this run.  Cruz has run a fine race against the odds and did very well. 2020 will be a great year for conservatism and the Constitution. Four more years of people actually seeing Cruz in action on the Senate floor will consolidate many who were doubters.  Getting out now also avoids any ambiguity as to his involvement in a Trump loss.

And this brings me to the Dark Side of the equation. The inevitable Trump loss. A Hillary presidency is virtually guaranteed at this point.  If she can dodge indictment and actually close the deal against Sanders (which mathematically seems inevitable) there will be another Clinton in the White House. Trumpsters were warned. Hillary has a base of supporters who do not care that she is a liar and political hack. They do not care about her long list of scandals and lack of accomplishments. She is a democrat, she is a woman, she is their pick. End of story.

Unfortunately for Trump the republican side does have some principled people. They do care about their candidate’s character. Many will not vote for Trump. They are done with the lesser of two evils. At best Trump is another big government progressive. At worst he is there to give Hillary the nomination. Either way he will get only lukewarm support from the conservative base which will mean a huge loss for him. HUGE!

The hit pieces against Trump will start slowly but ramp up in intensity and frequency as we get closer to election time. People will be brought forward who have personal stories of how Trump and his actions harmed them. The democratic support Trump has been enjoying will evaporate as he is attacked. Not that some of them were true Trump supporters anyway. Many were just there to support the weakest of the republican candidates to get their candidate Hillary into office. They did some fine work.

Bottom line: it is past time that Americans understood the Constitution and how it has been perverted. I supported Ted Cruz because he supported my ideals- a limited constitutional government. We could have done it the easier way with a Cruz presidency. We have chosen to do it the hard way. It is time that people realize that government are formed among men to protect their rights, and that government gets their power from the consent of the governed. It is time people realize how outside of the constitutional box Washington DC has forayed and demand changes. Their is ONE reason that this country has been as prosperous and free as it has- it is called the Constitution and Bill of Rights.As we move away from those ideals we see the results.

Washington is not going to voluntarily give up its power. President’s do NOT make law. The Supreme Court issues OPINIONS, not law. The ONLY body allowed to make law is Congress. And they have severe restrictions as to what they can deal with. The administrative bureaucracy we have created where legislative, executive and judicial power is vested in individual organizations needs to be dismantled. A separation of powers must be adhered to. States rights and a proper relationship between the federal and state governments needs to be re-established. This is on the People of the United States of America. It is time we hold our officials feet to the fire and demand constitutional accountability. Washington is not going to fix itself. It will take local and state officials, working in their official capacities to protect the rights of the citizens of their states from Washington, DC, to make the changes needed to continue this country’s unparalleled ascent into freedom and prosperity. God bless America.


A Time for Conservatives to Unite

With Super Tuesday behind us it is time to face reality. tRump must be stopped. He is no conservative and his presence in the Republican nomination process allows a Hillary victory. It is time for conservatives to unite.

It is now apparent that Ted Cruz is the man to take tRump down and the one to beat Hillary. Rubio’s poor showing (congratulations on Minnesota though) in this election cycle shows he is consistently taking a back seat to Cruz with conservative voters. Cruz has shown he can stand toe to toe with tRump and win. Texas was a big win, but Oklahoma is even bigger by the fact it was the first closed primary state. When tRump cannot rely on democratic voters he is definitely put at a disadvantage.

Rubio has some problems of his own. Florida is around the corner and if he loses to tRump there it could seriously damage his future chances at office. It would definitely harm any future campaign he was looking to enter. Rubio is the last of the establishment’s candidates and even with their backing he is not competitive.

There have been indications that the GOP establishment is biting the bullet and may get behind a Cruz candidacy. Lindsey Graham came out after his now infamous “no help from Senate after Cruz is shot on the Senate floor” remarks and lamenting the fact it may be time to unite behind Ted Cruz to take out tRump. Other indications show that the anti-Cruz establishment stance is softening out of desperation over a tRump candidacy.

This brings me to the point of this article. Cruz must ask Rubio to be his nominee for 2016. Right now if that was done it would cement the anti-tRumpers into one coalition. Carson and Kasich would see the writing on the wall and either have to support tRump or be forced out of their campaigns. Cruz/Rubio would take the tRump campaign to task and they would be the Republican team for 2016.

If Cruz and Rubio act quickly enough, they could win Florida for their efforts. This would really put a crimp in the tRump machinery and more importantly for Rubio preserve his image for future political office. This would be a win-win situation for Cruz and Rubio on all fronts.

Some will say that this will be impossible due to the differences of the candidates. Poppycock is my response. Look to 1980. Reagan picked George Bush who is the one who created the term “voodoo economics” to describe Reagan’s economic policies. They ended up with a successful run together and Bush benefited with becoming President afterwards. Rubio is still young. He has plenty of time for future runs. This would look good on his resume.

Looking back to the founding of our country we witness James Madison firmly on the side of the federalists early on. Through his association with Jefferson however, he soon became a major force in the anti-federalist camp. He had argued against a Bill of Rights during the constitutional convention yet was the one who proposed during the first Congress that a Bill of Rights was necessary. This was due to Jefferson’s influence with Madison. I see something like that happening if Cruz and Rubio team up. Rubio seems to be a smart man who knows the Constitution but has kept some bad company. A little guidance and working with a consistent constitutional conservative will help him for the rest of his years.

I do not know if this is just tilting at windmills but to me it seems like solid logic. Everyone who has a potential to be a winner in this deal has it under their control to make this happen. This allows conservatism to prosper and we can bring the Constitution back to the White House and move toward prosperity again.

Cruz/Rubio 2016. Bring the Constitution back to the White House.cruzrubio2016