In Defense of the 2nd

Attacks on our right to keep and bear arms continue. These attacks ebb and flow but are a fact of life here in America. Those people who lead these attacks are for the most part ignorant of the facts. They ignore the truths that are self evident and base their arguments on lies. Unfortunately many who try and defend our right to protect ourselves are sucked into debates which need not occur. It is important to know the truth of the matter to successfully destroy these arguments.

First and foremost, the 2nd Amendment gives us no rights. It states that the right to keep and bear arms, a right which we already possess, shall not be infringed. There is no verbiage that states that this amendment gives us the right to keep and bear arms.

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Keeping this thought foremost in your mind when supporting the 2nd will eliminate many of the arguments that the gun grabbers present. Our rights do not come from a piece of paper. They come from our Creator and are a part of us.

One must also realize where the right to keep and bear arms originates. The basis for the 2nd is your right to life. You have a natural right to life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness. When those are in danger it is your right to protect them. Frederic Bastiat stated it most succinctly:

” Each of us has a natural right — from God — to defend his person, his liberty, and his property.”

Your life is the most basic right you possess. It is your decision and yours alone how you want to protect that life. If someone threatens your life, liberty or property you and only you can properly determine to what degree you will go to protect those rights. The thought that another can tell to you to what extent you are allowed to protect these unalienable rights is preposterous. It is a fallacious argument that has no basis in truth and uses fear as its foundation.

So when a gun grabber says that no one needs an “assault” weapon (a mythical construct utilizing fear to demonize a gun) don’t take the bait. When someone says that we need stricter background checks, an idea that promotes a bureaucrat infringing on your unalienable rights with no due process, scoff at them. If they state the need to keep guns out of the hands of criminals realize that criminals don’t follow the law, that’s why they are classified as criminals, Just laugh at them. If someone states that there is no need for a person to own a weapon with a 30 round magazine, realize that most sane people would want the most firepower they could possess to protect their life if threatened.

The idea that we impose laws on law abiding citizens that center around unlawful behavior is ludicrous. We don’t define society around the criminal acts of the lawless. We create laws which protect our rights and aid law abiding citizens to do the same. America was founded on the principle of unalienable rights. We have allowed the anti-American elements in this country to craft the narrative which ignores this simple truth.

I think there is a mental defect in people who want to pass the responsibility of protecting their life onto others. If you are not willing to defend your own life or property but instead want government to do so that is your right. But do not impose that insane view on others. Remember, when seconds count, police are minutes away. That is not a critique of police but a simple truth. You and you alone are responsible for protecting your life, liberty and property. We create laws which will punish those that infringe on those rights but those laws do not stop the actions. They react to them.

A person owning or carrying a weapon in no way infringed on the rights of others. The opposite is the truth. Guns create a more civilized society. There are many that would want to disarm all Americans and only allow law enforcement and government employees to carry or own a gun. History has taught us that this idea is a failure and inevitably leads to tyranny. Long before Mao, Hitler or Stalin, our founders came to the conclusion that a government that wants to disarm its citizenry is a government that is up to no good. History is replete with examples of tyrannical governments that have disarmed its population and subsequently enslaved them.

So remember, your unalienable rights to life, liberty and property are a gift of our Creator. it is YOUR responsibility when an incident occurs to protect those rights. No one, other than the criminal after the fact, will be held accountable for these actions. This is the reason that we have the 2nd Amendment-to secure our right to self defense and to allow us to protect ourselves from any, including our own government, who would infringe on this right. The argument is as simple as that.

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Liberty Is The Goal

Over 240 years ago, our Founding Fathers and their supporters did a rather unique thing. They fought and won a war against the biggest superpower of the time. They claimed their independence. Then they performed an even more amazing act- they created a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. For years before the war they had one goal. When forced to fight they pursued a singular destination. When they had their freedom from tyranny they continued to follow a specific path. Their objective throughout the struggle? Liberty.

Liberty is simply being able to act any manner you wish with the caveat of not infringing on the life of another. We fought for and won the right to say that we all have rights that are unalienable and as long as you observe that ideal in your daily activities you are free to do what you want. That is the proper pursuit of happiness.

Liberty is defined in the 1828 Webster’s Dictionary as :

” {natural liberty} consists in the power of acting as one thinks fit, without any restraint or control, except from the laws of nature. It is a state of exemption from the control of others, and from positive laws and the institutions of social life. This liberty is abridged by the establishment of government.”

The last sentence is vital to understand. When we form government, we consent to that government and delegate certain powers to this entity. Some activities that we used to perform as individuals are delegated to government. Notice I said “delegated” not given. If government refuses to do what they are supposed to do, we the people retain the right to do so.

An example of one of these delegated powers is the police. Before government, in the state of nature, when a person infringed on your rights (robbery, fraud, bodily harm, etc.) you had the onus of seeking justice. This can result in chaos. Individuals deciding what “justice” looks like is often not justice at all.

So we created courts. Juries. Police. Things that we had done previously ourselves were now in the hands of people we hired, appointed or elected to do the job. We penned laws to define what was considered wrong and how a situation was to be dealt with. This law was to apply to everyone. This was our common law. Has it always been without fault? No. Human nature demands that it be imperfect. But when correctly applied moral and just actions are largely the result.

The consent of the governed is an important idea to understand. The only powers we can bequeath to government are ones that we already possess. This consent is what creates justice. This is the limiting factor of a righteous law. If this ideal is not recognized and laws are passed in defiance, then injustice is the result. We see this too often today in our society. We have traded liberty for perceived security.

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

Benjamin Franklin

Our common law has a simple guiding ideal- their can be no crime without a victim. This standard covers everything that we consider a crime- murder, rape, theft, fraud, injury to a person or their property. Anytime a person’s rights are infringed, a crime is  committed and justice demands resolution. The society we live in today has forgotten and abandoned this simple and powerful idea.

Arbitrary laws are the tools of tyranny. The idea that a crime can be committed when their is no victim allows for any type of behavior to be subject to the law. This is a restriction on liberty. Think of all the things that are “illegal” in today’s society that carry a punishment for perpetrating. Jaywalking. Selling lemonade to your neighbors. Speeding in a car. Watering your lawn on the wrong day. Fishing without a license. Carrying a gun without a permit. Giving the homeless something to eat. Conducting business without a permit or license. Smoking a plant. The list is much longer and continues to grow daily. Where are the victims in any of these activities? There are none of course. But the potential to injure someone is part of the human condition, it exists all around us and we have allowed this fear of injury to destroy our liberty.

Many will say that without these arbitrary laws (laws where a “higher” potential to harm others exists) then we would experience chaos. Speeding in a car for example. Speed limits would still exist but exceeding them would not be a cause for a ticket. Some would say if speed limits were not enforced then everyone would drive like a maniac. This is simply not true. The proper application of speeding laws would be in case of an accident. If a person causes an injury to a person or their property because of excessive speed, then the offender would be charged with driving above the speed limit and properly punished. There must be a victim for a crime to have occurred.

In today’s society many think it is alright for government to regulate interactions between consenting adults. For instance, I want to sell some of my lasagna to a friend. He wants to buy it. This is a consentual activity. Unfortunately for us, we have laws on the books which state that without permission from government in the form of licenses, permits, inspections, etc., my lasagna cannot be bought by another.  Too many people are willing to allow themselves to be subjects of arbitrary laws in the name of safety. This is a direct contributor to the lawless government we witness today.

Liberty is not a destination. It is a journey. You will never wake up one day and say “we have achieved liberty”. We are always in pursuit of liberty because of the nature of humans. This “human nature” is something that is a constant. Some want to help others by diverting their resources and time to do so. Others are more interested in themselves and follow a slightly different path. Then there are some who want to prey on other human beings for a multitude of less than savory reasons. There are varying degrees in all of this. That is human nature. This has been a constant throughout human history.

In light of this, the Anglo-Saxons pursued a path that took the idea of human nature into account. The laws that were formed over the centuries culminated in a simple creed: There can be no crime without a victim. This is the most highly moral stance that the law can take. These laws are applicable to all. If there is no victim in a specific activity, then no crime is committed and justice needs not be sought. This is one of the paradigms which elevated our country to greatness.

Malo periculosam, libertatem quam quietam servitutem.

Thomas Jefferson

“I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery”. Thomas Jefferson was the champion of the idea of liberty. His teachings have been lost on too many people nowadays. There is a culture of fear that has replaced our founding principles. This “fear culture” is pervasive throughout our society. We are taught that the worst of human failings will always rise to the top. This idea of the lowest common denominator in reference to human nature is the mechanism for our repudiation of liberty.

It is time we as a people recognize and support liberty once again. Every breathe you take could be your last. It is foolhardy to think that government can protect us from all harm. Their proper duty is to protect our rights from any who would infringe on them. This is why we created government. To secure our rights. The idea that government is our protector is a reckless one that has led us to the precipice.

The reason for our greatness as a nation is due to our unhampered pursuit of happiness. Government is much like fire- when used properly it is a boon, but when out of control it is a menace. It is time to control the fire. It is time to stop being fearful and once again be the home of the brave.

Join me at Constitutional Cappuccino to get plugged into a website that is all about the education Americans need to move our country back to its proper trajectory. My new book “Patriot Ammo: The Words Behind Our Flag” is also available and teaches of our founding documents and principles. The book would make a great present for anybody 16 and up.

Protected Classes: A Step Above and Superior to Unalienable Rights

I just heard the news concerning the verdict of the Oregon cake maker who refused to create a wedding cake for a lesbian couple. The verdict was for the couple and against the baker. No surprise to me. This is Oregon we are talking about after all. But that does not diminish my angst at the ruling. This decision is flawed on many levels but that again is nothing new the with modern day interpretation of jurisprudence. This is just another in a long line of attacks against the values and laws this country was founded upon and thrived under.

To think a person has a right to make someone else perform an activity is misguided. We have a word for that. Slavery. Or maybe indentured servitude since there is a payment. Either way, it takes away the person’s ability to control their own lives because of the will of another. Who owns your life? You, a stranger or maybe the courts or government? The true answer should be clear. Reality. however, is showing a different answer.

The most fundamental unalienable right a person possesses is the right to life. You and you alone are responsible for your own life. Your life is yours to live however you want as long as you infringe on no one else’s rights. The living of your life is what we refer to as liberty. When someone tries to introduce into that equation any type of coercion or force to make you do something you do not want to, then your most basic rights are being violated.

In this case, two lesbians went into a bakery shop, since closed by the way, and ordered a wedding cake, The owners of the bakery said they could not design a cake for such a purpose, but they were free to get anything else in the bakery. The bakers stated that a marriage performed for gays was not in accordance with their Christian beliefs and they would not use their talents to participate. The couple insisted on the wedding cake and were refused. They then left.

Instead of doing what a normal couple would do and find another baker to make the cake, they decided to sue. They complained to the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries saying they were refused a cake because of their sexual orientation. That bureau eventually slapped a $135,000 fine on the bakers and the bakers appealed. This latest decision is the results of that appeal.

Instead of telling their story and letting the public (consumers) decide the fate of the bakery, this couple instead choose to use the power of government to enforce their will. I cannot find it anywhere, but I am guessing they did indeed buy a cake from another bakery for their wedding which occurred. So a cake was had yet the lawsuit went forward because they couldn’t get a cake. They were offended because a specific baker denied the use of his services to make a cake. Being offended in today’s society seems to be a cash cow for those with special government protection.

Because they couldn’t get a cake from a specific baker, and because of the ensuing controversy, this couple claimed to have experienced an array of maladies. This is a partial list of the 88 symptoms they claimed to have suffered from because of the ordeal. An “acute loss of confidence”, “doubt”, and “uncertainty”. They claimed they “felt mentally raped, dirty and shameful”, had “high blood pressure”, “impaired digestion”, “weight gain” and “loss of appetite”. The said they suffered “excessive sleep”, “migraine headaches” and were “pale and sick at home after work”. One or both of them began a “resumption of smoking habit”. They also were fraught with “shock”, were “stunned”, “surprise”, and had “worry.” For that and other symptoms they received a total of $135,000.

“It does not matter how you were born or who you love. All of us are equal under the law and should be treated equally. Oregon will not allow a ‘Straight Couples Only’ sign to be hung in bakeries or other stores,” This is the couples idea of justice. The ideals of liberty are wiped away because of someone’s feelings or special protections. The idea that if someone doesn’t get their way, they then sue because they are being discriminated against because of who they are. And, oh yeah, only certain classes are protected in this ideal.

Realize the truth here – A “protected” class of people have superior rights above and beyond the unalienable rights that we regular humans possess. They are “special” because of their deviation from the rest of society. They get special “rights” because of their minority status. Because of this special privilege, they are superior in the eyes of the law. If you are not protected then no one in government really cares.

Another incident that occurred during this time period found the baker’s GoFundMe account closed because GoFundMe’s deemed that the bakers were wrong. Along these lines, what about the musicians who refused to perform for Trump’s inauguration? What about the dressmakers who publicly refused to design Melania Trump’s dresses? These ideas are parallel and hypocrisy is what separates them.

What also separates them is the people “offended” acted like adults, not spoiled kids and got their products somewhere else. Real Americans take this issue into their own hands and if offended enough start a boycott to make the business see reason. I cite Target and the NFL among the most recent. Chick Fil A also had this idea applied to it..

The idea that someone who is offended can invoke the bureaucracy to strike back at the people who offended them is malicious and dangerous. The idea that someone who doesn’t get to participate with a specific business for whatever reason can invoke the power of government without due process and get awarded money is a gross miscarriage of justice. No one has a right to tell another person how to use their life. It is true fascism to think government should be able to tell a business how to operate. But that is exactly where we are at. The same people that cheer Antifa also support fascism.  How is that for hypocrisy? Whatever happened to the leftist mantra of “pro-choice”?

This is a very slippery slope we have engaged upon. it is my hope that the Supreme Court rules on the very similar case it now has before it, Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, correctly. Whatever the courts do or don’t say, it is time for we the people to have our voices heard.

Bureaucracies ruining a family business and courts telling us what the law is and how to act need to be opposed. The “snowflake” mentality of injury because of perceived persecution needs to be fought. When we allow the courts and bureaucracy to dictate how our lives are to be lived then we are no longer free and are being ruled by an oligarchy. Our constitutional republic must be preserved and fought for. Liberty must triumph. Patriots Awake!

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We Hold These Truths – The Founding Principles of the United States of America

I realize as I interact with people that some of the constitutional principles I espouse are hard to understand because of their lack of a foundation concerning our establishment as a nation. The basics of what our country was founded upon is a simple yet powerful idea that has been forgotten over the imposing two centuries since we became a republic. It was a radical idea at the time, but it has been shown to be a powerful system to promote prosperity and liberty. These ideals were laid out for us in the Declaration of Independence. These were the basis for staging a revolution and creating a country. These are the bedrock ideals of the United States of America.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

This is the most important section of the Declaration of Independence. These 111 words tell everyone who reads them the reason we took the audacious chance to revolt, and it also speaks volumes about the problems we see from government on all levels today. These words have been forgotten by many people and are thus ignored by our lawmakers and those that do their bidding. These words are the foundation of what made this country great. The government that was created by our Constitution respected these words in its creation.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident”

Many countries have existed throughout time, yet the simple truths that were listed in the Declaration were never espoused or implemented. Our country was the first. This statement reflects that the principles to follow are easily discernible to the author of this document and those who approve of it. It implies that the principles that follow can be understood by any who are exposed to them. In particular, it depicts the culmination of the many lessons that western civilization had taught over the centuries to any who would care to examine the facts. Our founders were such men.

“That all men are created equal”

This has a simple but profound meaning. It simply states that no one is born to rule over others. It was still a belief at the time that there were those among us who are born to be rulers. Ancestry and conquest were the vehicles used by most at the time to rise to power. Either born into the right family, anointed by God or being able to raise a sufficient force to conquer a nation were the criteria for becoming a ruler. This idea is rejected by this statement.

“that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights”

The most powerful statement of them all. Our rights are unalienable. They do not come from man. They do not come from government. They do not come from a piece of paper. Rights are a part of a person just like one’s heart is. These rights cannot be taken away or denied. They are yours to enjoy because they are part of you.

“that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”

These are the most important and easily discernible of our natural rights. Life is at the top of the list because without life all other rights are moot. Life encompasses your body and the ability to implement actions that you want to take. Liberty implies that you are only restricted in your actions when they begin to impose on another person’s rights. All other actions by individuals are supported. Whom you associate with, whom you work for, what hobbies or other actions you take are for you, and you alone to decide. This is not a government matter. The pursuit of happiness is wrapped up in this thought also. Private property ownership is a key to that pursuit. Private property includes your physical belongings, land, and home, and your personal beliefs. Government should not be concerned with any of these ideals.

“That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men”

This is the reason we have government. The government exists to protect our rights. This protection extends to any entity that would infringe on them, foreign or domestic. Government is to be invoked only when a person’s rights are violated. There is no other reason we instituted the government that we did other than for this one simple idea.

“deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed”

This is the most misunderstood or ignored passage of the document. Superficially, it means that we elect those people who will represent us in government. But the full meaning escapes most people. Its message is that our government can only have the powers that we the people already possess. That is what makes it “just.” If a person cannot act in a way toward another person then the government cannot act in this manner either. If we the people do not possess a right to do something how can we give that power away? It is not ours to give. If one person cannot do something, why do some think that a hundred, a thousand or a million people gathering together suddenly manifest this power? This is the root of many problems we face today.

“That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

This is the mandate indicating that the government is a creation of the people and when the people feel their government is opposed to the furtherance of liberty and prosperity, then it is the right of the people to form a new government. We are the rulers of government. not the other way around.

As we move away from these principles, we see the results— a more obtrusive and tyrannical government. A steady decline in prosperity and the freedom of the people to pursue their dreams. A government that continues to grow larger and appropriate more of Americans hard earned wealth and property is what we are witnessing. We see a government telling the people what to do. We see a government who consistently and often breaks the laws that created it.

Our government produces nothing. They simply take from one to give to another. That is blatantly wrong and must be stopped. Every building that they build, every person they employ, every staple, pen, or vehicle they use came from Americans pockets. Every high wage and pension they offer to government employees is paid for by Americans. Every dollar they give to a foreign country is paid for by Americans. Government produces wealth like a tick produces blood.

How long ago did government move away from the idea of protecting our rights and instead try to tell us how to live our lives? When did the free market get co-opted by government? When did we lose control of our money and the fruits of our labor? When did we acquiesce to becoming subjects of our government? When did we go from sovereign to subject?

The answers differ, but the fact remains— government at every level is to blame for the majority of problems we face as Americans. For our country to survive this must be addressed. This is not a question of “if.” This is a question of “when.”

We continue to ignore our founding ideals and the true problems we face as a nation. Instead we are diverted into endless talks about the symptoms of the true problems which lead us ever closer to our destruction. There is a central nexus to our problems— the unconstitutional and out of control government that burdens our lives. All levels of government that continue to make inroads into abridging our freedom must be reined in. To ignore this simple truth is to run away from any real solutions.

We were given the gift of liberty, but its maintenance is our responsibility. We, the people, are failing our country and future generations which will have to fight once again to realize what we were given by our forefathers. Education and action are what is needed— a coming together of the disparate groups that attack the symptoms of the problem yet leave the central rot in place.

Division is a tool of those looking to destroy our country. We need to stop with the endless distractions to the true problems we face and come together to solve them. A limited constitutional government would go a long way toward that goal. We may have differences between us, but there is a threat that dwarfs all of it and is the root of most of it— our own government. This is nothing new in history.

Hopefully, we learn the lessons of history and take appropriate steps to solve the problem. Many billions of people rely on us to do so.

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The Continued Attacks on American Ideals

Western civilization was built on some basic tenets. Ideas such as consent of the governed, unalienable rights, and limited governments set up to protect those rights are central to our belief structure. Every day, we see the consistent bombardment on the institutions, beliefs, and ideology of our country. Censorship, violence, misinformation, and lawlessness are everyday events in the lives of Americans and are the vehicle for the enemies of America in our midst. Properly identifying the problem is the first step to eliminating it.

Censorship is a tool used by the enemies of America. Terms such as “white supremacist,” “nazi,” “alt-right,” and “white nationalist” are some of the current leftist attacks on Americans used to silence opposition, impugn character, and create division. These terms are currently being turned on our Founding Fathers and the principles that were used in the founding of our country. These attacks which lately have been focused on Confederate generals are now being redirected to men such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and even Christopher Columbus. Soon you will see these corrupted ideas applied to directly to our Constitution. Mark my words, if you oppose the modern-day liberal agenda with any efficacy and support constitutional ideals, these terms will be applied to you as well. You will be told to shut up because you are an extremist. As more Americans wake up they reject these attacks for what they are- censorship.

Censorship has taken a more violent turn as of late with Antifa and BLM. These groups show up at rallies and protests, and when they cannot shut them down, they initiate violence to stop their opponents from speaking. The actions of these groups are leading to institutions refusing speaking engagements for “controversial” speakers due to the possibilty of violence. These attacks have been cited to support recent efforts to further militarize our police. This violence and the “solutions” offered are in direct oppostition to the laws of this nation and the ideals we were founded upon. Capitulating to violence and those who would initiate it is an un-American idea and only emboldens those who perpetuate these violent acts.

Americans used to believe in the “sticks and stones” ideal and the credo that “I may not agree with what you say but will defend to the death your right to say it.” Some are trading their liberty for “security” by capitulating to the violence we are witnessing while others are justifying this violence by advocating it to silence their [pick one: racist, homophobic, nazi, supremacist] opponents.

These violent groups use aggression to shut down their opponents and stifle our founding ideals of free speech and freedom of association. As people realize the truth they are rejecting this un-American conduct. You don’t have to agree with what these groups say. You do, however, have to protect their right to voice their opinion in a peaceful way. Advocating for violence or government intrusion to silence these people puts you firmly in the anti-American crowd.

Misinformation has been going on for decades. The government run public school system is a major player its distribution. The true ideals of our founding are replaced with the falsehoods that our country was founded upon slavery, bigotry, and oppression. Many of this generation believe these lies because they did not get a proper education. Many have the belief that more government is the solution to our problems. Just the opposite is true. True education would include the greatness this country has achieved because of a limited government and how our country has positively changed the world. True education would include comprehensive studies of our form of government, the Constitution of the United States of America and Declaration of Independence. The continuance of our republic depends on the people being informed and in charge of their government.

The media has been complicit for many decades pushing misinformation while ignoring the lawlessness displayed by government at all levels.  When is the last time any major media outlet has questioned the constitutionality of any thousands of laws passed by Congress? How about the questioning of the continued presence of the 400+ government agencies and departments currently operating in Washington DC in blatant defiance to the supreme law of the land? How about questioning the very existence of the private corporation that unlawfully controls our money supply in the United States of America—  The Federal Reserve? Have you heard of any support of our constitutional values in defiance of the unlawful military actions taken in the last 60+ years? How about the media’s questioning of the unconstitutional redistribution of wealth here in America and abroad? Nary a peep.

In just a couple of centuries, the United States of America set the benchmark for free societies across the world and across history. The Founders of this country took the bold step to reject the notion that some are born to rule and stated that we the people can be the rulers of ourselves. The Founders stood up to tyranny and declared that our rights are not dispensed by government but instead are unalienable and given to us by our creator. They rejected the overwhelmingly pervasive ideology of the time and put their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor on the line for these principles.  As We, the people, allow these attacks on our founding principles to continue, we see the results. Poverty replaces prosperity. Dependence replaces liberty. Lies replace truth. And through it all, no matter who is in charge, government continues to get bigger and more oppressive. True Americans must stand up for our founding ideals and reject the traitorous propaganda and actions currently being implemented in our country.

“It does not take a majority to prevail… but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.”    Samuel Adams

Join me at Constitutional Cappuccino to get plugged into a website that is all about the education Americans need to move our country back to its proper trajectory. My new book “Patriot Ammo: The Words Behind Our Flag” is also available and teaches of our founding documents and principles.